Starshine News Fall 2016

Starshine News Vol.20, # 4 Fall 2016 Dear Friends, I think a bite of humble pie every now and then is a healthy thing. I think we take our arrogance out into the world and use it like a shield. A little humility goes a long way. And cultivating the art of listening goes with it. Two of the books reviewed in this issue are from writers in the writing groups. Congrats to them! Remember gratitude. This whole life is a gift, given for your growth and experience. Be grateful you have it! Blessings, Jyoti The itinerary for the May 2017 Ireland Tour will be available soon. Please let me know if you are interested. I will email it out as soon as it’s

Astro Update 9 22 16

The Fall Equinox begins as the Sun enters Libra at 8:22AM/MDT this morning. For this next quarter, we come to find truthful moments, a willingness to sort truth from illusion, a willingness to see what your path is as it opens up in front of you. On the 23rd, as Pluto begins to station (turning Direct on the 26), we look back at the last 5 months of inner work, inner musings. For the following 11 days, Pluto’s energies will be strong, bringing us intensity and depth, as we bring those musings out into our outer world to work with, to integrate into our day-to-day lives. Venus moves into Scorpio on the 23rd also and we want more depth in our relationships, less fluff. Sunday the 25th brings S

Astro Update 9 14 16

Astro Update 9 14 16 The Full Moon Eclipse on Sept.16 at 1:05PM/MDT brings a courage to try new things. Because the Sun/Moon opposition squares Mars by one degree, it’s also a catalyst to look at the larger picture and what your place in it is. Mercury, still Retrograde (Rx), turns Direct next Wed. Sept.21 at 11:31PM/MDT. We are in a turning from inner to outer attention at that time, and have the opportunity to redo the events of the previous 3 weeks. “To wander in the fields of flowers, pull the thorns from your own heart.” Rumi

Ireland Tour 2017 Flyer

Brigid's Well, Kilarney Come join us in Ireland! May 13-22, 2017 Over the past several years, we have had amazing tours of the sacred sites of Ireland. As a group we travel together to the holi wells and stone circles, from Brigid’s Well to the Glen. The spirits welcome us! “As part of our journey upon the Way, we will gather the threads and weave ourselves whole: as powerful and light-filled Souls. We will sing and chant, we will dance and move and there will be times when we will hold the silence and bear witness.” Amantha, our Tour Leader "I’m pretty sure anyone would use the word “magical” to describe their experience of traveling with Jyoti to Ireland. It definitely felt that way for

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