Astro Update 12 28 16

Astro Update 12 28 16 The New Moon today at 10:53PM/MST brings new goals and a sense of destiny. There is a willingness to put effort into achievement. With Mercury Retrograde (Rx), there is a sense of working internally to be more clear on what those goals are. With Uranus stationing since Christmas Day, until Jan.2, and turning Direct tomorrow the 29th, unexpected events and situations have occurred and will show up here and there. Be loose enough to dance slow or fast as the moment requires, and to make changes where needed. Both of these events, Mercury and Uranus, are included in the New Moon chart today and emphasized. Be mindful, yet ready to change tracks if necessary. Be loose. "Whe

Astro Update 12 2 16

Astro Update 12 2 16 Mercury has entered its shadow and we are in the energy field of the next Mercury Retrograde (Rx) cycle. Mercury will turn Rx on Dec.19 (Direct on Jan.8). Mercury is in Capricorn so our goals and where we want to put our energy, our focus, will be a large part of this self-reflective month-long time frame, beginning now. If you are traveling after the 19th, call ahead. Recheck your reservations and plans. Make sure everyone is on the same page. Then enjoy yourself. When all your desires are distilled You will cast just two votes: To love more, And be happy.

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