Astro Update 1 27 17

Astro Update 1 26 17 New Moon, Jan.27 at 5:07PM/MST. Trust issues arise with this New Moon. It catalyzes you to look at the bigger picture and decide what has your name on it. And do you trust that what you need will come. Relationship dynamics are a place to work. Are you limiting your beliefs about what they can be. Be willing to look beneath the obvious and see what’s underneath. You might be surprised. Take your power! Don’t abdicate. Today is also the day Mercury catches up from where it went Retrograde (Rx) in mid-Dec.’16. We move into new territory now. On the 29th, Mercury conjuncts Pluto…insights are deep. Look. On the 31st, Mercury squares Uranus…intuition comes if you open yoursel

Ireland Tour Update

Ireland Tour this year, 2017 We have changed the agenda for the Ireland Tour. Instead of moving every few days to different B&Bs, we will rent a house in Killarney and go out from there every day. We will have a chef who comes in to cook 4 of our dinners. The house will be stocked with breakfast items including homemade yogurt and jams from friendly neighbors. Each day we will venture out by the bus that is rented for us, to the Dingle Peninsula, The Ring of Kerry, the National Park, and several standing stone circles and holi wells. Please let me know if you would like to see the itinerary. And please share this with others who may be interested. Our group this year is small and we have roo

Starshine News Update

Starshine News Update: General Comments On These Times U.S. Chart and Where We Are Now General Comments: A Call To Action. Business as usual is over. Whatever speaks to you, you will have to stand and speak for it. All the day trippers, hikers, climbers, campers will be forced to speak for national parks and wilderness lands as they get threatened with closure. This is because the old age is dying, and we have to move on. We already know too much about what works and what doesn’t. Nature will still be vital alongside technology in this future we are moving into but it must be protected. As stewards, we must stand for what we believe in. And we will be tested and galvanized to do just that.

In my past...

In my past…I may have been a flamenco dancer, a Sioux warrior and a woodland maiden. I may have lived as a priestess and nun, a sacred whore, and someone who died young on a French battlefield. In old China, in semi-modern India, in Spain and Ireland, the land might contain my remains, bones that held secrets of life, culture and the times. I may have been raised high and brought low and lived a non-descript life only for my own learning. In this time around the wheel, I may have suffered infidelity and been unfaithful. I may have won children’s favor and lost it. I may have known a great, deep love and lost it to an ego’s vicissitudes. I may have had all these experiences, and yet I only kn

Online Astrology Classes

Online Astrology Class I: 4 Weeks, $120. Signs, Planets, Houses. Monday nights: Jan.23, Jan.30, Feb.6, Feb.20. 7-9PM/Mountain Time. Online Astrology Class II: 4 Weeks, $120. Aspects, Nodes and Chiron. Monday nights: March 6, 13, 20, 27. 7-9PM/Mountain Time.

Starshine News Winter 2017

Starshine News Vol.21, # 1 Winter 2017 Dear Friends, The younger of us, and our children and our grandchildren, show the capacities needed in their nervous systems and intelligence to deal with the technology of our present time and near future. So we are all equipped to handle these times. As Clarissa Pinkola Estes stated, “We have been born for these time.” We are able to handle the personal doubts and transformations afoot in these times of the Kali Yuga. This is the large cycle of ‘darker before the dawn.’ And the ‘dawn’ is the Golden Age of Aquarius. We are holding space for the integrity of the Age that we are finishing u so that the stre

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