Starshine News Spring 2017

Starshine News Vol.21, # 2 Spring 2017 Dear Friends, Our humanity. Where are we now? Do we have statistics about how much, more or less, humane we are as a species. Are more people being called to help each other because they hear it in their hearts and know they can be effective just by showing up? Are we caring for the Earth more now as the EPA is being dismantled? Not sure how effective it has actually been over the last 15 years. I remember sitting at a table with them, the DOE and the CO. Dept. of Health, and thinking, ‘I thought they worked for us (the people) as I watched them schmooze with the DOE at Rocky Flats (the overseers of the Su

Astrology Classes/DVD/YouTube

On my web page: I am offering 4 Astrology Classes, available on YouTube and also on DVD. Please check them out. These classes are the first of many. They include Signs, Planets and Houses. The next group will offer: Aspects, Chiron, the North and South Nodes. They will eventually span my 48 years of studying and working with Astrology and Metaphysics. I am recording them as a way of sharing my knowledge, sharing my work. I have a Basic Shamanic Workshop, Owning the Shadow Workshop all ready to go, along with several Meditations. They will be available through the web site. Please check back from time to time to share in them.

Astro Update 3 3 17

Tomorrow, 3.4.17 at 2:08AM/MST, Venus turns Retrograde. We have been in the shadow of this Rx since Feb.4. Venus is in Aries and a sense of the new, of risk-taking is at hand. We may also look at our purpose, our direction. This will be what you mull around for the next 6 weeks. Where am you going and what do you want. Finances may be up and down while you look at what’s important to you. New opportunities may beckon. Venus turns Direct on April 15. So these are the facts. However, how it feels is particular to you. There may be a sense of not knowing, of feeling a change in the air, yet has not really shown itself yet. Money may not be as available as it has, for some. You’re stepping into

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