Blue Moon/Lunar Full Moon Eclipse Reminder

Eclipse Reminder Wed., Jan.31, at 6:27AM/MST there is a Blue Moon/Lunar Full Moon Eclipse. It wants us to look at our relationships…personal, business, to ourselves, to others…and see what there is to see there. What can remain. What needs to change. Where we are not as forthcoming, not as expressive and loving. Where we may be kinder, more compassionate to our fellow humans. The Eclipse is visible: NW South America, Western North America, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa, over the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Remember, Eclipses take 3-6 months to trigger something in your chart. So you may feel the effects of this Eclipse right away, or usually, it is 3-6 months later. “The

The Queen and Her Domain

The Queen and Her Domain: Empowerment Through Embodying Personal Royalty When you think of the Queen what comes to mind? Is it that She is powerful in the world, that she can give back to those coming up behind her, that she embodies self-dominion? In this ritual workshop, we will explore what being the Queen of your own life looks like. We will bring other parts of us to bear witness in the claiming of our own inner Queendom, your own Inner Authority. Sunday, Feb.4, 1-4PM Boulder, $65. Please bring a garment (scarf, shawl, dress, necklace), blanket, pillows, notebook and something to hold your place on the altar. Location given with registration. Jyoti Wind is an Astrologer, Writer and faci

Starshine News Winter 2018

Starshine News Vol.22, # 1 Winter 2018 Dear Friends, Like a silver thread in a gossamer gown, 2018 will pull all these threads together for me. I feel that this next year asks me to bring some projects, and dreams of projects, to a finish. 2018=11 in Numerology. 11 is the upright pillars of initiation that one passes through. It is a personal initiatory process, not social (22) or professional (33). So it will ask us to look at what our process, so far, is bringing us to initiate, to start, to accept in ourselves, and to be willing to step through those gates, those pillars without a push from behind. Although the push is always there. I see a

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