Starshine News Spring 2018

Starshine News Vol 22, #2 Spring 2018 Dear Friends, Generally speaking, the Eclipse last August changed everything and really upped the ante. It’s a push in consciousness. What you do in your day-to-day life is your choice. The focus is more about letting go of old patterns of fear and lack of self-love. I know that sounds pretty broad and not very helpful, but that’s the underlying factors of what’s going on right now. Politically it’s exposing all the unseemly stuff that goes on in politics. It’s scraping the underbelly and making it public. What I’m saying here is more of a broad stroke rather than a personal assessment. And it will continue. I think of the Buddha’s curse. May you be

New Moon

New Moon this morning at 7:12AM/MDT. New cycle of healing and taking stock of the pattern changes triggered by the New Moon Eclipse last Aug.'17. Looking at trust issues and self-limiting beliefs that are falling away...Happy Celebration of Ireland Day!!!!

Queen Workshop in Boulder

The Queen and Her Domain: Empowerment Through Embodying Personal Royalty When you think of the Queen what comes to mind? Is it that She is powerful in the world, that she can give back to those coming up behind her, that she embodies self-dominion? In this ritual workshop, we will explore what being the Queen of your own life looks like. We will bring other parts of us to bear witness in the claiming of our own inner Queendom, your own Inner Authority. April 8, 1-4PM, Boulder, CO $65. Please bring a garment (scarf, shawl, dress, necklace), blanket, pillows, notebook and something to hold your place on the altar. Location given with registration. Jyoti Wind is an Astrologer, Writer and facili

Ireland Tour 2019

The dates have been set for the Ireland Tour of 2019. May 11-18, 2019. Because Ireland has become such a popular destination lately especially, we are beginning the planning for the next Tour, a year out. There is no itinerary yet, no price yet, but if you are interested, let me know. I'll keep you on the list to notify.

Astro Update 3 5 18

Astro Update 3 5 18 On Thurs. March 8, Mercury enters the shadow of its next Retrograde (Rx) cycle. All during its Rx motion and turning Direct, Mercury will be in Aries…Fire of mind. Here Mercury wants us to use this intelligence, this ability to perceive, to see oneself. in many ways. Are we attending to our own needs? Are we having trouble focusing? Are we meditating, praying, somehow focusing our consciousness to learn more about the Self. When Mercury actually turns Rx on March 22 at 6:19PM/MDT, that inner pull to look inside strengthens. Three weeks later, Mercury turns Direct on April 15 at 3:21AM/MDT and it will then be time to express outwardly what we’ve been looking at, thought

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