Astro Update 4 18 18

Chiron, the Healer, is coming out of a 7 year passage through watery, emotional Pisces. As of April 17, 2018, it has entered fiery, impulsive Aries. It will sojourn here for the next 7 years. All those old wounds that have lingered, to greater or lesser degree, for years are now up for healing. And with Chiron entering a fire sign, the insight, the energy, the impetus now creates opportunities for that healing to occur. The fire of Aries is like a cauterizing agent to heal the vestiges of long-time woundings. “It is love alone that gives worth to all things.” Teresa of Ávila

Astro Update 4. 14. 18

Astro Update 4.14.18 We begin to move forward now with Mercury turning Direct tomorrow, Sunday, April 15 at 3:21AM/MDT. We begin to deal with all that we have devised and divined over the past 3 weeks. So the fire of Mercury in Aries moves us, literally and figuratively. The New Moon in Aries is tomorrow as well at 7:57PM/MDT, with the Sun and Moon conjunct Uranus, widely square Pluto. It is a thrust forward, a new cycle of trying this, exploring, scouting out, not the usual, but the new and innovative and doing something with it, not just thinking about it. Saturn stations tomorrow until the 20th and Pluto stations from the 17th to 28th. No time to fool around. Lay foundations, transform or

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