Women's Ireland Tour May 11-18, 2019

Join me in a Sacred Journey to the holi well, stone circles, and standing stones in Ireland. Eightecue Standing Stones, Beara Peninsula We will visit out-of-the-way places including a few holi wells, dedicated to Brigid, and Gobnait, the Goddess of Bees. A house has been reserved for us, with a private chef’s delicious meals for most of the evening dinners. Innisfallen, the Isle of Healers always beckons us and we will travel by small boat across the lake waters in Killarney to get there. “We start our journey in ceremony, calling upon the Great Earth Mother in Her many faces, to guide us as we move ever gently onwards and inwards allowing the flow of Her nature to carry us forward in honour

Astro Update 6 13 18

Astro Update 6 13 18 The New Moon today at 1:43PM/MDT reminds us to have a focus for the mind. Rethink some of your priorities. Who are you at this point in time and where do you want to go from here. What does this New Moon/New Cycle suggest to you. What is it time for now. How are you expressing your creativity. How are you communicating who you are and where you’re at. Are you being kind to yourself and others. I remember reading that the Dalai Lama’s religion is kindness. It really struck me. As a path in life, can kindness support a spiritual path. And what does that look like. Personally. I’m working on it. Some days it works! Venus square Uranus June 14. Make sure you have a little t

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