Astro Update 7 25 18

Today at 11:03PM/MDT, Mercury will turn Retrograde (Rx) until Aug.18th. As Mercury is in Leo, it will bring insights into one’s ideas of life, where pride gets in the way, and where we indulge our thinking, sometimes far away from the truth of things. It’s a 3 week timeframe. Good to have a project to work on while you are being self-reflective. Lunar Full Moon Eclipse. July 27 at 2:20PM/MDT. Total Eclipse of the Moon, visible across Australia, Antarctic, West and Central Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America, Eastern Caribbean, most of Europe, South Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean. It is long lasting in time from beginning to end. A lot of erratic energy, especially emotiona

Some Thoughts on Shamanism

Alternate Reality In Shamanism, it’s called Alternate Reality when one goes off on a journey into places like the Dream Time, the Land of the dead, the Lower or Upper World. There, up can be down, flying is normal, and one sometimes travels on the back of a winged one. The past is as accessible as the future, and as one asks for guidance and protection, it is given. Healing happens here. Animal spirits guide the human consciousness through the miasma of worlds and levels and geographic areas to find the truth. Yggdrasil, the World Tree, awaits our arrival with questions of monumental importance, and asks only that you hang upside down awhile and your answer will come. The Cave of the Ancesto

Astro Update 7 13 18

Friday the 13th…the Day of the Goddess/Divine Feminine. 13 was the number of the Divine Feminine in Matriarchal Times. When the Patriarchal Times took over, this number was denigrated and made unlucky. Time to reclaim it! The New Moon Solar Eclipse occurred last night, July 12 at 8:48PM/MDT. The Sun and Moon in Cancer exactly opposing Pluto, and trine Neptune and Jupiter forming a Grand Trine in Water. So there are mixes of energies. An Eclipse triggers events for 3-6 months further on. What it may set off in a natal chart, has the same time frame. This Eclipse is challenging one’s power. Where do we give it away? How do we retrieve it? How does this Eclipse trigger us to trust our own intel

Astro Update 7 6 18 Mercury's Next Cycle

Astro Update 7/6/18 Mercury’s Next Cycle Tomorrow, Sat. July 7, Mercury enters the shadow of its next Retrograde (Rx). It is entering the area it will return to when it turns Rx (July 25). So things we do on July 7th, things we set in motion, goals we are working toward, we will return to them and rethink them after Aug.18th. It becomes a time to be introspective and to learn more about oneself during that Rx period. Right now, we are just beginning to see what that might look like. So, in a nutshell, here is the Mercury cycle: Mercury enters its shadow on July 7th. Appointments begin to change. We feel a sense of something that begins to draw us inward. Maybe we have schedule some down time

Starshine News Summer 2018

Starshine News Vol.22, #3 Summer 2018 Dear friends, Make good use of your time. Not so much about being efficient in daily tasks, but in the remembering of why you are here and the beauty life has given you. Give back where you can. Give thanks for what comes your way, no matter how small. “For it’s in giving that we receive,” from a Sufi song at the Dances of Universal Peace. I’m crafting day tours of the Sacred Sites in and around Boulder, mostly for local people. I’ve been researching labyrinths and Native American sites, ancient stone places, histories, etc. A 4-Day Sacred Site Tour is possible in Sept. for people coming from out of town.

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