Astro Update 10 30 18

Astro Update 10 30 18 Two days ago, on Oct.28, Mercury entered the shadow of its next Retrograde (Rx) cycle. We will come back to the business of these days once Mercury turns Rx on Nov. 16. Are there things that need redoing? Since most of Mercury’s cycle will be in Sagittarius, we will all be looking at the larger view…where are we heading and what would we like to see happen? Where have we been procrastinating, putting things off for a different ‘now’, instead of taking care of what’s in front of us in the moment. So when Mercury does turn Rx, we will have 3 weeks of being drawn inwards Since this isn’t part of the normal human daily life, we lose things, we miscommunicate, misunderstand

Ireland Prose

Ireland The past two weeks in Ireland are percolating, gestating, moving into places that welcome their energy. There's an integration that is taking place just beneath the surface, from the first circle where we all held hands in the Grange Circle, rain pouring on us, the stones (massive boulders) vibrating and singing around us, to the last Well with its clear pure water bathing us in simplicity and healing. The subtle energies of the feminine awaken again. The Wells, the rain, the sisterhood of eleven other women gradually created a web, weaving our stories one into another, and invited us to deepen, to listen. And listen we do. To the stories of the ancient ones and how these stones and

Shamanic Soul Retrievals

Sacred Journeys Shamanic Soul Retrievals When we experience deep emotional and physical situations in life, sometimes we lose pieces of ourselves. It is important that we receive those pieces back to fill ourselves and become more whole. Soul Retrieval: This is a journey embarked upon by the shaman to find lost soul pieces. In any traumatic or highly emotional experience, energy is sometimes lost. In order to be whole wherever we stand on the planet, it is wise to have as much of ourselves available to us at any given time. The pieces that are retrieved are blown into the client in a traditional way. Incest survivors, for example, may describe a feeling of leaving their body when the abuse s

Women's Sacred Site Tour of Ireland

Women's Sacred Tour to the Ireland Sacred Sites May 11-18, 2019 Day 2 Today we will continue the teachings out on the land and we will visit the city which sits at the foot of the ‘Paps’, the place of the Great Mother Goddess Ana/Anu. This is where one of the four great cities of the Tuatha dé Danann, the Gods and Goddesses of our land resided. The Tuatha dé Danann were known for their magic and worship of the Mother Goddess Anu. There are two cairns (nipples) atop the mountains above the City and there has been continued worship of them as the breasts (Paps) of the Great Mother for over five thousand years. It is known as the oldest place of continued worship of the great Mother in Europe.

Blogs, classes and workshops

I will be writing blogs, and offering recorded classes and workshops at WiseWomanhood School online. Here is the link to my first blog... Please share with others...Jyoti

Astro Update 10 5 18

Venus turns Retrograde (Rx) today at 1:05PM/MDT in Scorpio. Over the next 5+ weeks we will examine our values, what we place importance on, and look at some of our deepest secrets. Money issues may arise and we might make different choices. For myself, I’ve always seen Venus as a little death. Not like Pluto’s intensity to wipe every trace away. A little death, like the places we need to relinquish something, a tender loss, a stepping away, a sacrifice. Sacrifice comes from the term to make sacred. Can we meet this ask, let go of what isn’t working, where we no longer have the juice, where it is time to move on. This is necessary internal time to come to new concepts of self, life, and a wil

Starshine News 10 1 18

Starshine News Vol.22, # 4 Fall 2018 Dear Friends, The world will go the way the world will go. I remember an old adage, “Tend your own garden.” Take care of yourself and those in your care. Tend to the next generation mindfully for they will populate the Earth next. Harvest what is yours. And then, on the contrary, there are times we are called out of our quiet lives to make a stand for something. Then you must. We are all at different points in our lives and we must honor that. Each one has a different focus, perhaps a different path to walk and different experiences to have. None better or worse. Each one of us, like a cell in a larger body,

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