Astro Update 11 20 18

Today Neptune begins to station (staying the same degree and minute) until Nov.29. Neptune has been Retrograde (Rx) since mid-June and we have been working on our own inner spiritual growth and understandings. Neptune is stationing at the time in preparation for it going Direct on Saturday, Nov.24 at 6:09PM/MST and we begin to take opportunities to express more of those insights. This is one of the most potent periods of Neptune time in the year offering us the deepest of insights. This happens every year about this time. Spiritual realizations, potent dreams, poetry and music…all Neptunian affairs. The Full Moon on Thanksgiving at 10:39PM/MST, after the holiday dinner, asks us to balance be

Astro Update 11 16 18

Astro Update 11 16 18 Venus went Direct this morning at 3:50AM/MST after 5 weeks of being Retrograde (Rx). We have been examining what’s really important to us, our financial issues, and love relationships, including our love relationship with ourselves. Can we make a stand for ourselves and give to ourselves as we would do for someone else? These insights are now ripe to be lived into our actual lives. At 6:33PM/MST tonight, Mercury turns Rx for the next 3 weeks. Since Mercury will travel through Sagittarius for most of this time, it will be a self-reflective period around our beliefs and can we see the larger picture that is presenting itself to us. There are many possibilities and opport

Conscious Breath

Conscious Breath Conscious breath. I re-member myself, who I know myself to be. Conscious breath. I release tension, frustration, my breath. Conscious breath. Breathe in Light, acceptance, peace. Conscious breath. Sending Light to illness, imbalance, death. Surrounding Earth. Conscious breath. Jyoti Wind


Choice Is this small life I lead enough for this consciousness? Or am I responsible for the link to the Higher Self in the midst of making breakfast and keeping a roof overhead. Was this small life soul-chosen, beyond the awareness of my conscious mind, tending to the day-to-day? Am I bidden to look beyond, and anything deeming me small, must be discarded no matter the pleasure? How much say, how much choice, do I have as I contemplate life while my Higher Self whispers my soul name. Jyoti Wind

Astro Update 11 10 18

Astro Update 11 10 18 Jupiter entered Sagittarius on Thurs. evening, Nov.8. Jupiter will be passing through the sign of Sag for the next year, expanding their world. A feeling of release of responsibility for some, maybe travel and broader horizons for others. Life might just feel like it has their name on it! Seeing a broader perspective of life and wanting to share more of their philosophy also is on the table. People with Sag Moon or Sag Rising will feel that same energy, the desire to expand their lives and feelings, being more emotionally available. “This place is a dream. Only a sleeper considers it real. Then death comes like dawn, and you wake up laughing at what you thought was you

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