Astro Update 1 18 19

The Lunar Total Full Moon Eclipse on Jan.20 at 10:16PM/MST is visible in North and South America, eastern Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Europe, Middle East, most of Africa and northeastern Asia. The Full Moon Eclipse energy is very erratic. Unexpected events, unexpected feelings, bring you to trust your own wisdom, to be willing to listen on the inside. When things are chaotic outside, where else is there to go? Change is in the air. Lighten your load as much as possible from things and attitudes. Be willing to see what’s not working and what can work. We are being asked to look at the collective and the individual good. Whatever change needs to happen to expand the arena of freedom, will h

Astro Update 1 10 19

Tomorrow, Friday, Jan.11 at 4:36AM/MST, the Sun and Pluto are the same degree. This suggests a Scorpio type day is in store for all of us. A day of intensity, depth, and transformation. One could expect deep interactions with others, a desire to change some personal patterns of behavior, and a willingness to let go of whatever is in your way. On Sunday, the 13th, we have Mercury conjunct Saturn and Jupiter square Neptune. A day of learning and re-assessing one’s spiritual beliefs and sense of service. Ultimately, what is true for you and what no longer fits. “If we own the story then we can write the ending.” Brene Brown

Starshine News, Winter 2019

Starshine News Vol.23, # 1 Winter 2019 Dear Friends, This New Year, 2019, is the Year of the Pig/Boar, the Earth Pig, according to Chinese Astrology. A year of things feeling easier, though there is a caution against spending too much. I also see it as a preparatory year for a larger year ahead, 2020. So this year is a time to get our ducks in a row, prepare what needs to be gathered, and to continue to let go of old patterns of thinking and behavior. I’m grateful for the inner work I see others called to do, because it makes the whole belief field we all live in, more aware, more free to open to new levels of awareness. Love, Jyoti I was alrea

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