A Time for Healing

We start with WWII. We surround in Light and bless everyone, on both sides, who orchestrated that war. Those who benefited , those who fought, those who died. Those who returned home and brought the horror in their genetic make-up and had it flow into the next generations, the societies they returned to. The Depression. We surround in Light and bless those who orchestrated and profited from the Depression, those who lost everything. Those whose loss and hopelessness wound its way into the genetic structure and was passed down to the following generation that showed up as scarcity, doubting Universal supply, losing faith in self and outcome, losing faith in their gods. WWII. We surround in Li

Soul Retrieval Workshop and Explanation

The Soul Retrieval Workshop This workshop is an interactive experience with other people. It is not so much a journeying for one’s own pieces, as much as it is journeying and employing basic shamanic skills in retrieving lost pieces of energy for another person. I teach this class so that people can work with others to help them gather their energy and fill the holes that life experiences have created. It is an opportunity to also have places in yourself filled by having your partner journey for you and bring back pieces for you. In your own personal journey time, you can ask your helper spirits to help you find pieces of yourself and bring them back to fill up the energetic places where ene

Starshine News Spring 2019

Starshine News Vol.23, # 2 Spring 2019 wind.jyoti@gmail.com www.jyotiwindastrology.com Dear friends, Our minds go back and forth between the past, and all those memories that spring up…and the future of what might be coming…and the attending fears, apprehensions, etc. How can we look out of our eyes and desire to be in the present moment more and more. How do we firmly bring our attention back to this moment in time. Our minds wander off. It’s its nature to do that. How do we kindly, yet firmly, affirm to have our attention in the now, in this moment we are alive in. It’s an interesting practice, not only in meditation, but in real life. As the old saying went, when we eat, we eat. When we b

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