Starshine News Summer 2019

Starshine News Vol.23, # 3 Summer 2019 Dear Friends, Showing you care for someone, extending a hand/touch, a hug, a short kiss on the cheek, offering a ride, listening with all of your attention, really caring for what is happening to another, whether friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, makes a life richer. People feel it. They feel cared about. We are in a time when caring for others is lacking and when it does come their way, people respond to it. They lighten up, relax into it, bask in its soothing energy. Be that caring person, someone who is involved in life and extends themselves. Yes, it needs boundaries. However it’s a nourishment g

Women's Writing Group

In person: Thursdays beginning July 11 Noon-2PM/MDT. Six weeks, $120. This is a writing catalyst and support group. We will write together, read our pieces to each other, and kick-start our creative process. This is not a critique group. Online group: Sunday mornings beginning July14 10-Noon/MDT, 6 weeks, $120. This would be for those who do not live in the Boulder/Denver area. Jyoti Wind has written 14 books: A Childhood Memoir, several books of poetry, several anthologies with 30+ contributing writers. She has facilitated women’s writing groups for the past 15 years. Contact her at 303.483-8602

Astro Update 6 19 19

At 9:21Pm/MDT, June 19th, Mars and Pluto come together. It is the energizing force of Mars coming into combination with the Pluto energy of transformation. It is a catalyst for change and insights with Mercury there as well, sometimes explosively, sometimes a slow burn that dissolved and changes everything it touches over time. This whole week (17-21) the energies are palpable. Where have we resisted change and now the catalyst has entered the room? Neptune is stationing/Rx this week (17-25) and takes us into a spiritual perusal. Where can we be more honest with ourselves? And on June 20, Mercury enters its Shadow. Mercury will turn Retrograde (Rx) on July 7 for 3 weeks and invites us inside

Astro Update 6 2 19

The New Moon is tomorrow, June 3 at 2:02AM/MDT and challenges us. Are you stuck in the details? You have the power to break it up and look more broadly. You are the designer of your own reality. Are you living it the way you would like to. With Venus trine Pluto in the New Moon chart, we have a great deal of strength right now to harness power and stand for what we believe in. Relationships (business and personal) may undergo a lessening of limitations. Courage is key. “There is a voice that doesn’t use words, listen.” Rumi

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