Astro Update 12 30 19

Looking at the New Year’s chart as the birth chart of 2020, we see a need to shed old patterns and a seeding of new behaviors and belief systems ready to emerge. There is a sense of change, luck, and intuition that shows Truth not just logic. Healing the shadow, the blind side in ourselves that we don’t see, is a definite theme. Calling those things to consciousness, so that we are not just reacting unconsciously, we are acting with choice. Creating nurturing environments for ourselves and others is a key point too. We all know how to do the tough work, the shoulder-to-the-wheel perseverance type behavior. How do we create situations that feed us, meet a place inside us that knows that we ar

Astro Update 12 20 19

Astro Update 12 20 19 The Winter Solstice begins on Saturday night, the 21st, at 9:19PM/MST. The light quickens as the spark of life quickens in the roots of plants. We are in the darkness heralding the Light of Spring and new growth. The next quarter brings larger visions and a desire to do it differently. Rethink what seems nebulous and unsure. Trust your gut over this next quarter of the year. Solar New Moon Eclipse, Dec. 25 at 10:13PM/MST. Gather past skills. Get ready to make a leap of faith. Risk-taking has its beauty. We have been told to ‘cast out into the middle of the river, leaving the safety of the shore, and go with the current. Look around and see who is there with you.’ Now

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays! Happy Christmas! Happy New Year! May Light fill your hearts, and may peace prevail. Wishing you all the blessings of the season, Jyoti

Astro Update 12 15 19

Astro Update 12 15 19 Today, at Noon MDT, Jupiter will exactly trine Uranus in the heavens. The influence will remain until the 19th, offering us an energy of ease and flow. Perhaps even auspicious for some. How do we embrace and take in the grace that is available to us during these days.. How do we align ourselves with the down pouring of Light at this time of year AND allow ourselves to dance with unexpected opportunities. Have fun with the unexpected! “With every breath, I plant the seeds of devotion, I am a farmer of the heart.” Rumi

Movie: Dark Waters

The movie, Dark Waters with Mark Ruffalo is a statement on the chemical industry and the poisoning of the populace. There is Teflon via Dupont in the blood of 99% of the population... It is a forever chemical, meaning it doesn't wash out or leach out. It's in the blood and tissues forever. Please make this movie worth the effort it took to make it and the 19 years of court filings and trials to make it worth the filming. Go see it! Let film makers know you care about this type of movie that exposes the poisoning, the truth to the American People!!!!!

Astro Update 12 4 19

This past Monday, Jupiter entered Capricorn for the following year. The lives of Capricorns will expand and a larger vision of possibilities will show themselves. Being more generous with themselves will allow them to bring in more light and embrace more love. Mercury emerges from its whole Retrograde (Rx) cycle this Saturday, Dec.7th. We will have come to grips with the whole previous 7 week cycle since Mercury entered its shadow back on Oct.11th. Some of us have been taken deep, delayed, frustrated, stalled out and left unknowing in what direction to proceed. Soon, most of this will shift and Mercury moves on into new territory. “The art of knowing is knowing what to ignore.” Rumi My frien

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