To all of you future beings...

To all of you future beings who may never realize, know that there were those of us who held the world in Universal Light during the darkest days, so that our dream and ideal, your current life of peace and happiness, could finally become a reality. Jyoti Wind

Both Sweet and Fierce

Small pinches of tobacco, sacred week of the ancients, and small handfuls of rose petals from my English Rose harvest of last year, I walk the edges of my small garden, out to the curb that is the edge point of where I meet the world, all the way to the back yard edge. and I bless all the spirits who live here with me, who grow my flowers so vibrant and lush in the warmer days, the elementals, devas, angels, the blessed fairies, offering all my gratitude and love for the help as this new season begins. All the spirits, sweet and fierce who love and protect me, help me sleep warmly at night, and wake me to sun and birds and nature’s rhythms, I offer all my love and gratitude, sweet and fierce

Astro Update 4 25 20

Every Spring, Pluto turns Retrograde (Rx) and we work on ourselves, consciously or not, in an inward manner. In the Fall, Pluto turns Direct (D) and we have opportunities to use those inner understandings and awarenesses to transform our everyday lives, to implement what we’ve just learned about ourselves. Today, April 25, 2020 at 12:54PM/MDT, Pluto turns Rx. It will have been stationing from 18 April-4 May, giving us a taste of change and intensity. Today is the epitome of those energies. We look at our own empowerment to call the shots, or where we collapse into fear and follow someone else’s lead. We’ll continue to work on these issues throughout the summer. Tomorrow, the Sun in Taurus is

I thought about...

I thought about my adult children, and how sometimes I feel them. I smile to myself. Sometimes I sense when they are worried. I call them. Check in. After all, their cells come from my body. There’s a connection beyond everyday awareness. The other day, I thought about my cells, having come from Mother Earth, and having that same connection with me as I do with my kids. I wondered if she tunes into me, and smiles to Herself in knowing where I’m at. Suddenly, so much made sense. Jyoti Wind


We are changed. Even if not sick, even though not asymptomatic, even though not on the front lines, the virus has changed us. On a mental, emotional and cellular level, we are changed. Our future is not where we thought we were going. Our present is drastically different. A virus transmutes its host. Its host is the world. We have all been transmuted one way or another. Jyoti Wind

Sometimes you just have to step away...

Sometimes you just have to step away, you are too close to something. It’s blurry and myopic. It’s small and limiting. Sometimes with distance, comes clarity. You see a bigger picture. Your spirit feels larger. The cosmic and the practical suddenly shows itself as a oneness. Sometimes you just have to step away. Jyoti Wind

Moving From One Place to Another

We sort. We pack. We let go of all those things we were going to do. We give-away. We gift. We trash, those things of a former life. Attitudes and beliefs. Dreams and wishes. Yearnings and longings, we set them afloat on the rivers of the past. Timidly and unsurely, one step at a time, one breath at a time, we set sail for the new world, even if we never leave home, we are moving from one place to another. Jyoti Wind

Astro Update 4 17 20

Astro Update 4 17 20 An Overview I did not fully appreciate the power of this year, heading into 2020. I have tried to not over-dramatize the effects that cosmic aspects may have on global situations. Yet in re-evaluating the most important aspects this year, it is a year of major change. This time has been called: The Great Mutation, A Massive Reformation, The Turning Over, The Great Turning. We are turning over…new leafs, new attitudes, new belief systems. And we are being given opportunities to turn away from all that hasn’t worked in the past. I want to look back to late Jan. 2008, as Pluto entered Capricorn, the sign of business as usual, corporations, and Capitalism. I remember thinki

To all beings,

To all beings, who hold space for us, our compassionate spirits, our sacred helpers, our guides and allies, our guardian angels, the Earth Herself, thank you. From one heart to another, thank you. For the continued love, thank you. For the guidance, thank you. Jyoti Wind


Sing the praises of life, your gratitude for breath, your uplifted spirits as the sun moves through the day. Sing the praises of life, give voice to your loves, whether the pink of hyacinths in the snow, or the burbling water running at your feet, the wind overhead that brushes worries from your mind, the face of another human after so much solitary time. Sing the praises of life. Keep it simple. Your heart knows your depth, and the Earth meets you there. Jyoti Wind

I Ching

I threw a Ching this morning from this edition of the I Ching. The image passage read: Clouds rise up to heaven: The image of WAITING. Thus the superior man eats and drinks, Is joyous and of good cheer. We should not worry and seek to shape the future by interfering in things before the time is ripe. We should quietly fortify the body with food and drink and the mind with gladness and good cheer. Fate comes when it will, and thus we are ready.

To come to quiet...

To come to quiet, willingly, while the mourning doves have their way with the morning. To sit and breathe, slowly, as mind and breath find themselves dancing together. To look inside, caringly, calling soul to show deepest truths unveiled. To come to quiet, willingly, while the mourning doves have their way with the morning. Jyoti Wind


If you are quiet you can hear the birdsong waking the morning. The bright light of the day warms your heart. All of Nature sings to you, welcomes you, gives you respite from the crazy mind that never quits. Breathe. Let breath take the rev. Let it soothe your nerves like trees do. Nature and breath, the wonderment of life, bring peace. Jyoti Wind

This Day

On this day, Rise Up. As the sap rises from the roots into the tree trunk, as your soul chose to take form and be here Now, Rise Up! Let your voice be heard. Let your words count. Let your heart sing. Rise Up for your life! Jyoti Wind


Surely Surely, as light follows dark, we will emerge from this time with an acknowledged connectedness and keep it in daily awareness. Surely, through the fears we’ve faced, we will have a more acute sense of where we are in the scheme of things. Surely, our prior arrogance, thinking we had dominion and license to forge ahead gave way to humility to take forward. Surely, this virus as catalyst changes us, reminds us that as guests and stewards, we are in service to a greater consciousness. Jyoti Wind


Soon The Earth calls me. I feel the tug in my heart. My hands itch to plant. Morning glories today, tomorrow… To be outside, sun, wind, rain. I remember planting potatoes in a downpour, running out of my boots that stuck in the mud, because the Moon was in a fertile sign and it was the right quarter. My heart also longs for the woods. I live in a small city. My heart says, soon…

The Simpler Ways

The Simpler Ways I bake bread. I work with my clients, grateful to have them. I pray for the world and the suffering. I chop wood and carry water. I try to meet the day as it dawns for me. I have my list and I have my breath, and I try to let neither take over the other. I’m remembering the simpler ways I lived raising young kids years ago. One foot, one breath, one act, one prayer. Slowing to Nature’s speed and to what works for me. This is the ideal. I’m learning. Jyoti Wind

Astro Update 4 7 20

Astro Update 4 7 20 The Mars Square Uranus aspect today at 12:50 PM/MST brings disruptions and erratic energy. Be careful in your actions. There is a push for healing and retrieving your power with the Full Moon at 8:35PM/MDT. Mindfulness and communication are favored. We’re getting glimpses of the other side of the pandemic restrictions. Dreams of what’s possible to occur over this next month. Keep an open mind. Expressing your creativity opens the door for new ideas and concepts to come in. “It’s your road and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.” Rumi This past Sunday, I facilitated a guided Shamanic Journey Workshop to the Earth Mother for people to

Long Enough

Long Enough How long is long enough. We’ve all seen what weeks of quarantine can do. Closer family ties, neighborhood cooperation and service. A deeper caringness expressed. A drop into bottom lines, releasing some have-to’s. How long is long enough to let these new insights and patterns remain after the quarantine lifts. That’s when we’ll know how long was enough. Jyoti Wind

The Spirit of Reindeer

The Spirit of Reindeer, of those of the Upper North, hold us in their hearts. Their love fills my heart. I know I am not alone. They dance with me. Holding their babies close and their warrior spirit shines. We must all come together as one tribe, they say. Our wars are over if we will it. We dance to the music of the Great Mother, Mother Earth, and you must too. We are all the Reindeer People, and live upon Her as she turns in the Heavens. Jyoti Wind

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