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Books by Jyoti

Spirit Journal: A Guide to Self-Reflection


"This simple, effective tool opens the spiritual seeker’s path to personal self-reflection and greater self-awareness, the first steps on the path to personal transformation." Cindy Morris
MSW   Astrological Counseling


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$15.95    Spiral Bound - Shipping Included


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Oh Sister, My Sister: An Anthology of Sisterhood


An engaging collection that redefines DNA. Oh Sister, My Sister celebrates the diversity of the women we call sisters: siblings, schoolmates, workmates, playmates, and, occasionally, a fiery, wild spirit that challenges description. The sister-writers, through poetry and prose, take us to city streets, to rooftops, to the Bronx, to Wyoming.  In these pages, the sisters are a brew of love and joy, vexation and worry–but always in attendance. –Jennie L. Brown, Author of Nothing’s Ever Right or Wrong: A Novel, Workshop Director, Blogger (


$17.95    Shipping Included  SALE $8.

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One Small Sip: A Book of Contemplative Poetry


Poetry that the beginning reader can understand, yet the seasoned poet lets these words go straight, deep into the heart, letting them comfort, guide, and spark new thought. Wisdom and love float to the surface staying with you. Ms. Wind has done it again; a book to carry with you, to pour over, to ponder, and to grow from.    Arlene S. Bice, author of Life & Labyrinth; recipient of the Florence Poets Society Poet of Distinction Award in 2006.


$17.95    Shipping Included  SALE $8.

By Grace's Edge: Poetry, Prose and Prayers


Bing, Bang, Zap! my friend, Jyoti, tells her story in prose, poetry and prayers in a way that will wake you up, make you realize her story is yours, written in bare naked language. Leap with her, you won't need a parachute. In fact, you won't want one.   Robert J. Morgan, author of Goodbye Geraldine, Facilitator of Memoir Writing Workshops.  (From the back Cover)


I love By Grace’s Edge.  I spent the whole day, a blustery cold day, immersed in the beauty of your book.  HM, CO


$15.95    Shipping Included  Sale $8.


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Into the Heart of the Flower: Poetry, Prose and Meditations


These words are vintage Jyoti-ruthless truth and floating meditation-the struggle of a woman's voice to rise above the chatter.   Christina Nealson, author of Living on the Spine: A Woman's Life in the Sangre De Christo Mountains. (From the back cover)


Your poems just open me up and touch every part of my soul.You speak what I have been feeling. DW, CO


Out of Print


$15.95    Shipping Included

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Dreaming It Was Real: A Childhood Memoir



Book quote from the back cover: "Black is the color I remember. I wore it exclusively for five years. Black clothes, black stockings, and hair to match. I guess now I might have been called a 'goth'...then I was just called strange."


Wanted to say I LOVE your book.  You have inspired me to start not only my memoirs, but my novel, and I'm writing every morning on both. Great job on all of your books and a great read. What a fascinating family! (SE, CO)


$17.95    Shipping Included   SALE $8.

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A Week's Worth of Women: Poetry, Prose and Memoir


What shines though this eclectic collection are the voices of the women, recounting seemingly ordinary events, that become extraordinary and even mystical as each writer shares the essence of their experience. A wonderful, lyrical treatment of all things feminine--and all things human.  Jennie L. Brown, author of Blue Moon Rising: Kentucky Women in Transition.


"You are such an amazing group of women. Each piece is so genuine and from the heart. The whole book was so well put”  G.B., CO


$15.95    Shipping Included    SOLD OUT

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Food and What Feeds Us



A poignant and touching collection of food stories complete with recipes. Hearts, bellies, and memories connected. It's just how it always seems to be!  Cindy Morris,


$20.95    Shipping Included          SALE $8.

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Unraveling Mysteries: An Anthology on Women and Aging


What I enjoyed best about these offerings is the feeling I was left with that each one of these women writers came to a deeper level of self-love and compaasion in the process of reflection.   Cindy Morris,


I enjoyed every page of Unraveling Mysteries.  And the drawings were superb.  PL/CT


$16.99    Shipping Included   SALE $8.

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The Creative Arc: An Anthology on Writing


There are as many different reasons for writing and as many different ways as there are writers. In this exciting anthology our writers reveal, sometimes boldly and at times with a quiet gentleness, but always with a determination to announce to the world--I am a writer!   Arlene S. Bice, author or Haunted Bordentown: Ghosts of Bordentown.


$20.95    Shipping Included        SALE $8.

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