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Shaman: The word ‘shaman’, borrowed from the Siberian Tungus tribe culture, refers to one who works in non-ordinary reality and is independent of organized religion. They journey/travel to find what is missing in everyday life.

Flight of the Spirit
Basic Shamanism
​​Finding Your Animal Spirit


Animal spirits: From a shamanic perspective, when a human child is born, a shaman calls a circle of animal spirits together and asks who will walk with this human and help it survive

life on earth. The animal guide (or totem) steps forward to assist us. Animal spirits are also summoned to provide power, courage, protection and as a guide.


This is offered as a service in absentia and follow up phone call/Zoom session.                               





Sacred Journeys
Soul Retrievals

​This is a journey embarked upon by the shaman to find lost soul pieces. In any traumatic or highly emotional experience, energy is sometimes lost. In order to be whole wherever we stand on the planet, it is wise to have as much of ourselves available to us at any given time.


This is offered as a service in absentia with a follow up phone call/Zoom session.     








An extraction journey is undertaken to determine whether energies belonging to another person have taken up residence in the client. or if there is a dis-ease energy lodged in the person’s aura field.


This is performed in absentia as an individual session  and a follow up phone or Zoom session.





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