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Astro Update 12 28 16

Astro Update 12 28 16

The New Moon today at 10:53PM/MST brings new goals and a sense of destiny. There is a willingness to put effort into achievement.

With Mercury Retrograde (Rx), there is a sense of working internally to be more clear on what those goals are.

With Uranus stationing since Christmas Day, until Jan.2, and turning Direct tomorrow the 29th, unexpected events and situations have occurred and will show up here and there. Be loose enough to dance slow or fast as the moment requires, and to make changes where needed.

Both of these events, Mercury and Uranus, are included in the New Moon chart today and emphasized. Be mindful, yet ready to change tracks if necessary. Be loose.

"When you know better, you do better." Maya Angelou

Some thoughts...

In looking at the turning of the last quarter of the year, I realize that the Fall Equinox sets in motion a ‘harvesting’ of the year.

We arrive at Halloween and an honoring of our ancestors whose bones we stand upon. Our appreciation of what’s been handed down to us, opens us.

When Thanksgiving arrives, we give thanks, our hearts extending to invite others to sit at our table, to share bread with us, to join us in our personal and family time.

Which then prepares us for Christmas and the down pouring of Light consciousness and further opens our hearts, infusing us with Divine Love, and a desire to give of ourselves.

As our hearts are awakened once again, we share more, and more love is brought forth into the larger world.

From here, we set in motion a new year, a new cycle of opportunity to do more, to love more, to appreciate our lives and others more.

This is the best of us. Happy New Year!

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