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In my past...

In my past…I may have been a flamenco dancer, a Sioux warrior and a woodland maiden. I may have lived as a priestess and nun, a sacred whore, and someone who died young on a French battlefield.

In old China, in semi-modern India, in Spain and Ireland, the land might contain my remains, bones that held secrets of life, culture and the times. I may have been raised high and brought low and lived a non-descript life only for my own learning.

In this time around the wheel, I may have suffered infidelity and been unfaithful. I may have won children’s favor and lost it. I may have known a great, deep love and lost it to an ego’s vicissitudes.

I may have had all these experiences, and yet I only know myself as me. Those out clothes and personas have served their purpose and will continue to. The outer world alternately seduces and rejects my life, congratulates and blames.

As long as I stand clear in my sense of self, the waves and ways of the world come and go. And I remain.

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