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Starshine News Update

Starshine News Update:

General Comments On These Times

U.S. Chart and Where We Are Now

General Comments:

A Call To Action.

Business as usual is over. Whatever speaks to you, you will have to stand and speak for it. All the day trippers, hikers, climbers, campers will be forced to speak for national parks and wilderness lands as they get threatened with closure. This is because the old age is dying, and we have to move on. We already know too much about what works and what doesn’t. Nature will still be vital alongside technology in this future we are moving into but it must be protected. As stewards, we must stand for what we believe in. And we will be tested and galvanized to do just that.

Check out this article. I found it an interesting view.


The U.S. Chart and Where We Are Now

Remember this is a chart, not only of the forming of our country, our government, but mainly who we are as a nation, as a people.

This year, taking into account progressions, transits and eclipses to the natal chart of the United States: There is a potential of an awakening of consciousness, a push for healing especially in our relationships with other nations, a galvanization of mass unconscious/consciousness, and a push for change in our philosophy and our beliefs about who we are in the world.

We have an opportunity to step into a more emotionally intelligent and responsible phase where people are willing to be visible and champion the disenfranchised.

We have an opportunity as well to see our shadow, as a nation, and where we need to own our own projections onto other peoples and nations…oh they’re the bad guys, we don’t do that. In owning that we do, indeed, do that, we can change the attitudes and behaviors.

We also have an movement about deepening our strengths as a people and lead where we are called to lead.


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Spirit Journal: A Guide to Self-Reflection by Jyoti Wind. A guided-journal for chronicling your own spiritual path. $12.95 + $3. s/h.

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Come join us in Ireland! May 13-20, 2017

Over the past several years, we have had amazing tours of the sacred sites of Ireland. As a group of women, we travel together to the holi wells and stone circles, from Brigid’s Well to the Dingle Peninsula and the Ring of Kerry. The spirits welcome us! Email me if you are interested and I will send you an itinerary.

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