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Astro Update 4 6 17

This brief update is turning into a long missive because there is so much going on.

Saturn is stationing right now, from March 6-May 7 at 27 deg. Sag, the Galactic Center.

As we approach this weekend, the Sun will square Pluto on Sat., April 8th and then Mercury will turn Retrograde (Rx) on Sunday the 9th at 5:15PM/MDT.

All of the combined energies, with Venus still Rx until April 15, calls one to consider: Aside from your roles in the world, in family life, etc., what wants to emerge from your own galactic center. Where does your authenticity meet the road.

There are ample opportunities right now to slip under your defenses, your illusions, your rose-colored glasses, and glimpse the truth of who you really are…in your Truth, in your largeness, in your authentic sense of Self.

Mercury will take us inside regardless, until it turns Direct on May 3rd.

To accentuate the depth we can go to within ourselves, Pluto will be stationing from April 17-23 and provide a deeper view, a good look at the transformative tools available should a little excavation be in order.

Being your own best Self is inviting you to this Spring Dance. Hopefully you are ready to attend!

“The soul has been given it’s own ears to hear things the mind does not understand.”


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