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Astro Update 4.30.17

Astro Update 4 30 17

This Wed., May 3 at 10:33 AM/MDT, Mercury turns Direct. It has been Retrograde (Rx) for 3 weeks now. As it turns Direct, you can expect things to start moving again…decisions held, words not spoken, actions not taken…all suddenly are ready to go, even the day before, on Tuesday, you may feel the energy of movement.

New ideas may have been percolating, new views of possibility may have shown themselves to you. After Wed., they begin to beckon to you, try to get your attention, or show you how they could become a reality over the next 2 weeks of catch-up time.

Because I will be away to Ireland for most of May, I am going to mention a few things here to keep in mind…

Tues, May 9…a very empowering and insightful day.

Wed. May 10…the Full Moon at 3:42PM/MDT…strength of purpose and commitment. Solutions to issues.

Thurs. May 11…a good learning day. Mind is strong.

Friday, May 12…a day of expansion, and it’s easy.

”Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.” Rumi

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