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Astro Update 9 2 17

Astro Update 9 2 17

Mercury is ending its Retrograde (Rx) cycle this next week, and as it winds down it Rx motion to turn Direct on Tues. Sept.5, it sits at the Great American Eclipse degree that we just experienced. It reminds us of the day, our experiences, our insights, our looking forward with excitement to that day. It reminds us of thoughts we had and perhaps how we wanted to set things in motion. It asks us what we would like to move forward on over the next 3-6 months. And that with Mercury sitting at this degree, what would it look like.

Mercury turns Direct on Sept.5, at 5:30AM/MDT.

The Full Moon on Sept.6 at 12:03AM/MDT brings inspiration, opens up communication opportunities and asks us where we need to balance discernment with going with the flow. The Full Moon chart includes a Yod with the Moon aspecting Venus and Pluto…opportunities of emotional transformation and a new sense of worth and direction.

“You want reality unmasked? Choose death!”


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