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Workshops and Astrology Class

Fall Workshops and Classes:

Online Astrology Class 101. Tues. evenings, 7PM/MDT. 4 classes. Signs, Planets, Houses. Oct.17, 24. Nov.7, 14. $120.

No experience necessary. Two books recommended for the class. Email or call me.

Healing the Ancestral Heart Ritual Workshop

Oct.22, 1-4PM. Boulder. $65.

Betrayals, familial wounds, unspoken bonds, denied love. These are the woundings of the Ancestral Heart. Please join me in a journey workshop to heal this lineage you are a part of, and bring light and new vision forward to your life and beyond you. No experience necessary.

Flight of the Spirit: Basic Shamanic Journey Workshop

Oct.29, 1-4PM, Boulder, $65.

Learn basic journey techniques, who your guiding spirits are, how to navigate the inner worlds. No experience necessary.

The Anointing of the Feminine Ritual Workshop.

Nov.12, 1-4PM. Boulder. $65.

For those of you who are drawing ready to emerge, to begin another layer of your own work, or to be of more visible service to others, please share in this anointing ceremony.

We will honor the Divine Feminine inside as we move forward to express Her and our own personalities in these times.

As did the priestesses in the temples of old, we will bless and consecrate our work, our calling. No experience necessary.


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