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Astro Update 12 21 17

Astro Update 12 21 17

On Tues. Dec.19, Saturn entered Capricorn, its own sign for the next two years. It’s sending out a signal for all Capricorns to step up and take responsibility for areas of their life that needs some attention.

Today, Dec.21 was the Winter Solstice at 9:29 AM/MST. We enter the Winter time of the year, and the last quarter of the pagan calendar. The Sun and Saturn are the same degree…responsibility and creativity, perseverance and becoming one’s own authority are the key concepts here. How can we also include a sense of service: how can we be of service to those around us.

Tomorrow, Dec.22, Mercury turns Direct at 6:51PM/MST. Mercury has been Retrograde (Rx) since Dec.2. We have dealt with computer problems, missed appointments, musical chairs with clients and family, and now we have an opportunity to communicate more clearly. It is time to re-do all the errors or misunderstandings of the previous three weeks. It is time to implement the insights we gained, even gained through our frustrations, from that time frame as well. More than anything, this past three week time frame reminded us of the Solar Eclipse this past summer (Aug.21). It reminded us of the work that was shown to us that was for us to do within ourselves.

Now over the next two weeks, we can work more consciously as we ‘catch up.’

Fear is the cheapest room in the house. I would like to see you living in better conditions. Hafiz

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Holidays!

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