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New Moon Solar Eclipse

New Moon Solar Eclipse

Feb. 15, 2018



On Feb. 15 at 2:05PM/MST there is a New Moon Solar Eclipse. It is the mate to the Great American Eclipse, as people called it, last Aug.21. So on a collective level, it just asking us how we are doing after all that Eclipse set in motion from last summer.

It is a New Moon, new cycle, and wants us to pay attention to depth and freedom.

The planets are all in a 'bowl' shape of 149 degrees. There's a concentration happening, a squeeze, if you will. Asking us to look deeply and also broadly...especially were our freedom and those of the people around us are concerned. And what constitutes freedom for us. How does it look in the choices we all make. And what impact does it have on the world we live in.

Take the lead when needed.

“Talk to yourself in two languages - what do I need and what do I love - in order to balance the body and the soul.” —Peter Shepherd

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