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Astro Update 3 5 18

Astro Update 3 5 18

On Thurs. March 8, Mercury enters the shadow of its next Retrograde (Rx) cycle. All during its Rx motion and turning Direct, Mercury will be in Aries…Fire of mind.

Here Mercury wants us to use this intelligence, this ability to perceive, to see oneself. in many ways. Are we attending to our own needs? Are we having trouble focusing? Are we meditating, praying, somehow focusing our consciousness to learn more about the Self.

When Mercury actually turns Rx on March 22 at 6:19PM/MDT, that inner pull to look inside strengthens. Three weeks later, Mercury turns Direct on April 15 at 3:21AM/MDT and it will then be time to express outwardly what we’ve been looking at, thought about.

Mercury catches up on May 3 and we move on.

Mercury’s Cycle:

Enters shadow Mar 8

Goes Retrograde Mar 22 6:19PM/MDT

Goes Direct April 15 3:21AM/MDT

Catches up and moves on May 3.

Prayer at the Crossroads

A prayer one might say as one approaches a Crossroads is:

“Oh guiding spirits, you who love me and hold me in your hearts, stand here with me now, in this place, in this time, and help me see what my next piece of life is. Guide my feet along my soul’s path, and be with me as I take this leap that looms before me.

May my gratitude to you be roses in your hearts.”

For all of us who approach the Crossroads, may our soul’s guidance be palpable.

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