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Starshine News Spring 2018

Starshine News

Vol 22, #2 Spring 2018

Dear Friends,

Generally speaking, the Eclipse last August changed everything and really upped the ante.

It’s a push in consciousness. What you do in your day-to-day life is your choice. The focus is more about letting go of old patterns of fear and lack of self-love. I know that sounds pretty broad and not very helpful, but that’s the underlying factors of what’s going on right now.

Politically it’s exposing all the unseemly stuff that goes on in politics. It’s scraping the underbelly and making it public.

What I’m saying here is more of a broad stroke rather than a personal assessment.

And it will continue. I think of the Buddha’s curse. May you be born into interesting times. And here we all are. So how do we make the best of it?

It’s important to have something that centers you, that reminds you of who you really are while the storms howl and the politics go down the toilet. Everything dies to be reborn in a new improved way. How do we ‘keep our seat’ while this is all happening.

Blessings, Jyoti

Online Writing Group


The format would be to write together

and read our pieces to each other.

Not a critique group.

4 Monday nights, $60.

May 7, 14, 21, and June 4.

Let me know if you are interested.

Spring Meditation

Take 3 deep breaths. Release the energy. Open yourself to the new growth happening within. Breathe Light into that place of new beginnings. Feel it expand as your lungs expand with each new breath. Breathe Light into your life.

Astrological Services

Consultations are $120.

They include:

Natal, and Transit Reading.

Relationship Charts.

Astrocartography Maps.

Shamanic Journeys.

Spiritual Consulting.

Children’s Charts:

$60 under 14 yrs.

Sliding scale available

Resist the Chocolate Boots

Don’t lick my boots, even if they are chocolate.

Stand next to me, side by side,

venturing forth to nurture a new world.

The top of the world is the bottom

if you live on the opposite hemisphere,

And the 8th richest man with $59 billion dollars still dies.

Let’s then reveal the patterns underlying our minds and culture

So we can choose a new way to be human,

Intentionally Living Rooted In The Web Of Life.

Terra Rafael

Spring 2018 Astrology Column

April begins with insight on the 1st, a catalyzing energy on the 2nd-5th, and a question of where are you giving your power away on the 10th. The New Moon on the 15th at 7:57PM/MDT, (with Mercury turning Direct that day at 3:21AM/MDT) suggests that important goals have support. Time to move forward. Explore innovative ideas. From the 15th-20th, Saturn is stationing and bringing us to a more conscious look at our goals. Empowerment on the 17th with Venus and Pluto. Pluto stations from the 17th-28th of April and we deepen. We are drawn to look beneath the surface for the next 5 months. Mars conjuncts Pluto on the 26th and the intensity is felt inside and outside. The Full Moon on the 29th at 6:58PM/MDT asks us to bring our deeper feelings to the conversation.

May begins with Mercury catching up on the 3rd from it’s March 25th cycle. We move on. The 7th brings the opportunity to see deeper and the 11th brings an easy owning of power in oneself.

On the 15th, we have a New Moon at 5:48AM/MDT and it brings us the ability to step in and change the course of events; let go of outmoded relationship habits. Uranus enters Taurus for the next 7 years that day also, shaking looks the stubbornness, the set-in-one’s-ways type of thinking. Be mindful of your energies on the 16th. Pay attention. The 23rd easily brings a flow of energy to do what needs to be done. Mind is strong and penetrating on the 25th and the Full Moon on the 29th at 8:19AM/MDT says that healing is available for emotional wounds, now and through the next 6 weeks.

June begins with flowing mind, physical energy, and a sense of spiritual expansion. Insights on the 5th and 6th. The New Moon on the 13th at 1:43PM/MDT suggests that we have a creative focus for the moment of the mind being idle. Neptune stations the 14th-23rd and we dig deeper to answer: Who am I now? The Summer Solstice occurs on the 21st at 4:07AM/MDT and wants us to look at the larger picture. Our spiritual dimensions are expanding. Find things that nurture your creativity and nurture yourself! Mars stations Rx on the 26th/27th and we may draw inward from physical activities until August 27th, or view our dreams and what we want to manifest in our lives differently, and after the end of August, begin to set those things into motion. The Full Moon on the 27th at 10:53PM/MDT challenges us to let go of the self-limitations we carry around. There’s nothing you can’t do!!! Happy Summer!

New Moon Apr 15 07:57PM/MDT

Full Moon Apr 29 6:58PM/MDT

New Moon May 15 5:48AM/MDT

Uranus enters Taurus

Full Moon May 29 8:19AM/MDT

New Moon Jun 13 01:43PM/MDT

Summer Solstice Jun 21 4:07AM/MDT

Mars turns Rx June 26/27

Full Moon Jun 27 10:53PM/MDT

Caribbean Carnival in Puerto Rico

celebration and gaiety abound

hear the rhythm of caracas

palitos clicking

bongos sending out messages

steel drums shouting these are the islands

dancers shimmy down the narrow street

in brilliant colors of joy

creating a blur of movement

notes of music

fly through the air

carrying the sound

to la donna nearby

hips rumble to the call of drummers

it is time for festivity, for all to join

celebrate, wear flowers in your hair

sparkle in your eyes

ladies line up

wrapped in white

head to toe

displaying joy

for their ritual

of celebration

as players go by

in a floating body.

Arlene S. Bice

From Here, There and…Everywhere


Goddess of Poetry –

Crone Muse at the Crossroads -

Make the pathway

Between my lift & right

Luscious & energetic.

Let my word choices resound

with the beating of my heart

& the gurgle of my gut,

Echoing the embodiment of our human animal experience -

The better to draw us deeper into the dynamic web of Life.

Terra Rafael

Spring 2018 Book Reviews

Allie and Bea by Catherine Ryan Hyde. Thrown together by misfortune and fate, Allie aged 15 and Bea in her late 70’s become unlikely and somewhat prickly traveling companions. This is the story of the adventures and misadventures that change them both. Over a few intense weeks Allie grows up fast, Bea reawakens to life and an unusual bond is formed. The travel aspects add to the enjoyment of this inspiring and heart-warming book. Guest Reviewer: Kate Guilford

The Patterning Instinct – A Cultural History of Humanity’s Search for Meaning by Jeremy Lent. This book gives a new look at history, from the cultural/neurological point of view. Including many fascinating and relevant facts about theories of history, the aim is to show how we got into having a culture that is deadly to our planetary home – and our relationship with our own bodies. While the historical part was a page-turner for me, his future visions weren’t as compelling, lacking any new approaches after all that great exploration of history. Worth reading and contemplating to come up with a way out of our dilemma, into our unity. Guest Reviewer: Terra Rafael

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. This tome of a fantasy captivated me with its passion and details about life in the old Highlands. A great romantic escape if you like rowdy fights and brawls as well as hot sex scenes. And who doesn’t need an escape now and then? Guest Reviewer: Terra Rafael

The Little Bakery on Rosemary Lane by Ellen Berry. Life in London at a job for a magazine setting up top-of-the-line photoshoots begins to pale when the new manager brings her previous assistant to assist her again. Suddenly Roxanne decides it’s time to visit her sister in the little village she left behind years before, and help her with her cookbook book store. Adventures of the heart, a family emergency, disappointments, all show Roxanne where her path really is. Very enjoyable.

The Birthday Girls by Pauline Lawless. Four young girls, grouped by birthday month at the same table in first grade, maintain their closeness into their adult years. Each in her own lifestyle, they bridge their differences and even countries, with their love for each other. Poignant and love-affirming, they walk together through life’s trails.

The Sisters of St. Croix by Diney Costeloe. A young woman parachutes down into occupied France during WWII, to plan escape routes for English soldiers and Jews. Her affiliation with the nuns of the local convent creates a danger under the scrutiny of an SS Nazi commander. Great story and a page turner.

The Union Street Bakery by Mary Ellen Taylor. Daisy’s life was falling apart. Losing her high paying job in the city, she moves home to live above the family bakery that she had escaped years before, and begins working the early morning shift. It’s the place her birth mother dropped her off, to be adopted by the McCraes and their bakery when she was very young. Revelations about possibly finding her birth mom, potential help from her two adopted sisters, and a journal from the 1850’s make for a wonderful tale of love and redemption.

Open Season: A Joe Pickett Mystery by C.J.Box. I’m just discovering this author’s work, although he’s been applauded for years now. Set in Wyoming, Joe Pickett’s life as a game warden, takes some stumbling turns. His family is growing. His income is not. He loves the outdoors and the beauty of his work environment. The a murder takes place. A few more. Rumors of an endangered species being spotted years after supposed extinction, and he’s off and running. I really enjoyed the writer’s prose as he describes what his character sees and his own inner world.

The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris by Jenny Colgan. I love her books! Found this author in Galway, Ireland in a bookshop, and again in a thrift shop in Edinburgh, Scotland. Now my local library has them! Anna goes to Paris after an accident and surgery. She’s going to apprentice in a chocolate shop. She’s worked in a mass produced chocolate factory in England. But in Paris, chocolate is sacred and an art. Her adventures with her apartment mate, her eccentric boss and his son, and her former French teacher round out a great cast of characters. From the small side streets and hidden shops, to the Eiffel Tower, to small-town England, Anna grows up and claims her life.

Here, There and…Everywhere: A Travel Anthology, Ed. by Jyoti Wind. $18.95 + $4.s/h. Available: 303.541-9106.

Over 30 writers contributed to these stories of travel all over the world and back again. See abbreviated excerpts…

A Room I Remember

It’s not the room I was trying to pull out of my childhood memories, not my grandparent’s guest room where I spent overnights growing up. It’s not the room I shared with my sister, the second one, when we were in grade school and moved from the room next to our parents to the larger one over the garage, with a balcony looking out on the back yard. Mother had chosen little flowered wall paper and we shared a long dresser with a large mirror above it. Our beds were along two walls under the windows. I loved to lie in bed and watch the lightning and hear the thunder of frequent Kansas storms. Betsy was afraid of the shadows the trees cast across her bed and discovered if she hid her head under the covers, they would go away. After Mother kissed us goodnight, before sleep, we sang duets. “Wait ‘Til The Sun Shines Nellie” was one of our favorites, and we got the harmony just right. If Betsy fell asleep first, I tried to probe her for any secrets she might reveal in her sleep.

The room I thought about was a different kind. In fact, I never really thought about it as a room, and it took me over a month to discover it. It was about the size of my present studio apartment. But it wasn’t in a brick building or a frame house. Rather, its walls were bamboo trees planted in the sand with enough space in-between to let in the air and light. The room was furnished with two cots, a wooden bench on which was placed a bucket of fresh water, a wash basin, a bar of soap, and two towels…. Susan Fernie. From Here, There and…Everywhere.

The Power by Naomi Alderman. A novel. Margaret Atwood said, “Electrifying! Shocking! Will knock your socks off! Then you’ll think twice, about everything.” Rumors of 15 yr. old girls in Ethiopia arcing electricity from their fingers, hit the US national media. They call it fake news. Girls all over the world are suddenly able to protect themselves from attack. Boys are sequestered in private schools by scared parents. Thus begins the tale of women’s power and what they do with it. A fascinating read!

The Queen and Her Domain:

Empowerment Through Embodying Personal Royalty

In this ritual workshop, we will explore what being the Queen of your own life looks like. We will bring other parts of us to bear witness in the claiming of our own inner Queendom, your own Inner Authority.

Sunday, April 22, 1-4PM San Mateo, CA, $65

Sunday, Apirl 8, 1-4PM Boulder, CO $65.

Jyoti Wind

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