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Some Thoughts on Shamanism

Alternate Reality

In Shamanism, it’s called Alternate Reality when one goes off on a journey into places like the Dream Time, the Land of the dead, the Lower or Upper World.

There, up can be down, flying is normal, and one sometimes travels on the back of a winged one. The past is as accessible as the future, and as one asks for guidance and protection, it is given. Healing happens here.

Animal spirits guide the human consciousness through the miasma of worlds and levels and geographic areas to find the truth.

Yggdrasil, the World Tree, awaits our arrival with questions of monumental importance, and asks only that you hang upside down awhile and your answer will come.

The Cave of the Ancestors is filled with those whose counsel is worth more than gold, and who look for your attendance. The protective spirits of others, of land masses, of huge waters are ready to negotiate with your small presence to get your pieces back, lest you remain small ongoingly.

Alternate Reality sings the seductive siren song so that you will answer the call to explore, to grow, to heal past traumas and losses, to find your power there and bring it here to this reality, no less alternative than the other!

Jyoti Wind

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