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Astro Update 8 10 18

In the wee hours of tomorrow morning, 3:58AM/MDT, Aug. 11,

there is a New Moon Solar Eclipse. It is a partial Eclipse, visible in NE Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Scotland, Scandinavia, Russia, Mongolia, Northern and Mid China, Korea and the North Atlantic Ocean. Best seen in northern Russia.

I wonder how some of these countries will be cast in the headlines over the next 6 months. A new cycle for them, in some way.

The New Moon Eclipse asks us to use our intelligence and our communications skills in a way that will serve us. Not blindly following along. Not making waves for waves’ sake either. Relationships can be challenging and offer opportunities for change. Leadership roles beckon. Try out being a leader.

We are still in the Mercury and Mars Retrograde (Rx) stage. (Mercury turns Direct on the 18th and Mars on the 27th). There is a frenetic energy to the Mars square Uranus, off and on, sometimes showing up as anxiety and frustration. Having an outlet for your energies is helpful. Running, swimming, screaming into a pillow…all help release the tensions that build when we want to go forward and feel the wall in front of us, or the delays. Having a way of dispersing the energies and not taking it all personal is what is being taught here.

Nurture yourselves however possible and express your creativity. It helps as well.

”Dance until you shatter yourself.”


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