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Astro Update 8 26 18

Earlier today, Aug.26, at 5:56AM/MDT, we had a Full Moon. A change in values and priorities. Rethink your philosophy of life and how you think things need to be. Be open to innovation and change.

We still have another week of catch-up from Mercury turning Direct last Sat. night (the 18th), and redoing our lives and decisions from the first half of August.

Tomorrow, Aug.27, Mars is turning Direct at 8:05AM/MDT.

Mars has been Retrograde (Rx) since the end of June and it may have felt like a slugfest of a summer. Mars is the planet of physical energy and drive, and physical manifestation. It has all been working internally this summer. Now, tomorrow, the dreams and insights gained during this summer may lead some to a new path, to a new sense of direction. It’s been a time of frustration and truncated plans. Now we begin again. The energy moves us forward and new beginnings beckon.

Saturn is strongest in its energy of self-discipline, focus and goal setting next week, Sept.2-10. Make good use of it.

“Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.” Rumi

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