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Astro Update 10 5 18

Venus turns Retrograde (Rx) today at 1:05PM/MDT in Scorpio. Over the next 5+ weeks we will examine our values, what we place importance on, and look at some of our deepest secrets. Money issues may arise and we might make different choices.

For myself, I’ve always seen Venus as a little death. Not like Pluto’s intensity to wipe every trace away. A little death, like the places we need to relinquish something, a tender loss, a stepping away, a sacrifice. Sacrifice comes from the term to make sacred.

Can we meet this ask, let go of what isn’t working, where we no longer have the juice, where it is time to move on.

This is necessary internal time to come to new concepts of self, life, and a willingness for new life to prevail.

Perhaps an altar to Venus…a beautiful cloth, flowers, plants, a small postcard painting or view of natural beauty. Pinks and yellows, harmony and sweet music. A piece of chocolate with a prayer to Venus and her tender heart, as she reminds you to love, above all else. It is the nucleus of your cells. Love yourself. Love life. Love those around you.

“I am not afraid…I was born to do this.”

Joan of Arc

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