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Astro Update 11 16 18

Astro Update 11 16 18

Venus went Direct this morning at 3:50AM/MST after 5 weeks of being Retrograde (Rx). We have been examining what’s really important to us, our financial issues, and love relationships, including our love relationship with ourselves. Can we make a stand for ourselves and give to ourselves as we would do for someone else? These insights are now ripe to be lived into our actual lives.

At 6:33PM/MST tonight, Mercury turns Rx for the next 3 weeks. Since Mercury will travel through Sagittarius for most of this time, it will be a self-reflective period around our beliefs and can we see the larger picture that is presenting itself to us. There are many possibilities and opportunities available. Can we open ourselves, inside and outside, to see them? Mercury turns Direct on Dec.6th and we have the energy to manifest whatever insights we have been give.

“Not only the thirsty seek the water, the water as well seeks the thirsty.”



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My women’s ritual workshops are now up at Please check them out: Freeing Ourselves/Self-Forgiveness, Healing the Ancestral Heart, Owning the Dark/Owning the Feminine Shadow, The Anointing of the Feminine…soon to go up: Embracing the Beloved/The Divine Marriage Ritual and The Queen and Her Domain/Sovereignty.

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