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Astro Update: 2019, The New Year

As we enter the New Year, the Sun- Saturn conjunction suggests that the focus of the year ahead is responsibility. Professional, personal, social, economic responsibility is vital. It represents areas in our life where we can exert control, and make decisions that are worth of our attention and integrity.

It is a year of acknowledging that ‘the power of ideas can transform consciousness’, especially ideas whose time has come.

The trends for the year also include more debating and finding common ground; healing wounds of ‘no boundaries’ and learning how to say no when that is your truth; empowerment in relationships of all kinds, and bringing more emotional intelligence to the table.

On Feb.4th, we enter the Chinese New Year of the Earth Pig/Boar. A Pig year gives an easier flow, but cautions against financial extravagance.

I personally feel that 2019 is a preparatory year for 2020. So stock up on rest, create an emotional cushion, and get ready for another ride.

‘Life is balance of holding on and letting go.’ Rumi

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