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A Time for Healing

We start with WWII. We surround in Light and bless everyone, on both sides, who orchestrated that war. Those who benefited

, those who fought, those who died. Those who returned home and brought the horror in their genetic make-up and had it flow into the next generations, the societies they returned to.

The Depression. We surround in Light and bless those who orchestrated and profited from the Depression, those who lost everything. Those whose loss and hopelessness wound its way into the genetic structure and was passed down to the following generation that showed up as scarcity, doubting Universal supply, losing faith in self and outcome, losing faith in their gods.

WWII. We surround in Light and bless all those who orchestrated this war for power and greed on both sides. We bless all those who died fighting for their own ideals, serving to the last minute. Those who rescued, tended and healed, those whose imprisonments came home with them and the horrors embedded in their genome, passed on to future generations and influencing those generations and their children’s children. We bless all, from the progenitors to the victims and to all who came after.

May the Light of Grace and Mercy heal all.

And where we stand now, do we receive that Grace and Mercy, that Light of Healing Love, and send it forth into the future generations of our own line, and to all the present and future citizens of this planet. May the Light wash through and cleanse and heal the energy of power-over and greed.

May we, as a race of humanity, heal ourselves and each other from the passed-down ravages of war and loss, so that as a people, we learn to flourish!

Jyoti Wind

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