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Soul Retrieval Workshop and Explanation

The Soul Retrieval Workshop

This workshop is an interactive experience with other people. It is not so much a journeying for one’s own pieces, as much as it is journeying and employing basic shamanic skills in retrieving lost pieces of energy for another person.

I teach this class so that people can work with others to help them gather their energy and fill the holes that life experiences have created. It is an opportunity to also have places in yourself filled by having your partner journey for you and bring back pieces for you.

In your own personal journey time, you can ask your helper spirits to help you find pieces of yourself and bring them back to fill up the energetic places where energy was taken, or dispersed, or lost somehow through experiences of public humiliation, abuse, or a pledge that was betrayed or is now over.

In this workshop it is to develop the skills, to practice with a partner, to be able to access the non-ordinary world of the shaman, and trust in those beings who work for you, to take you where you need to go, to see what you need to see, bring back what is given, and blow that into your partner. And then, they journey for you.

I felt that this process might not be clear from the flyer I sent out. So this is a nutshell of clarification. If you do not have basic shamanic journey understanding or skills, you can see me in the time between now and the workshop to have that basic experience. Let me know if you have questions…Jyoti

Sacred Journeys

Shamanic Soul Retrievals

When we experience deep emotional and physical situations in life, sometimes we lose pieces of ourselves. It is important that we receive those pieces back to fill ourselves and become more whole.

Soul Retrieval: This is a journey embarked upon by the shaman to find lost soul pieces. In any traumatic or highly emotional experience, energy is sometimes lost. In order to be whole wherever we stand on the planet, it is wise to have as much of ourselves available to us at any given time. The pieces that are retrieved are blown into the client in a traditional way.

Incest survivors, for example, may describe a feeling of leaving their body when the abuse starts. That part that left is vital to their wholeness, to their ability to function more consciously in the world. A place where many people’s lost parts go is referred to as the Void…a place of dark nothingness, where it waits to be reunited with the rest of the self. When these pieces are returned and integrated, there is usually a marked change in the person’s life. Surgery, loss of a loved one, illness, and injury can create soul loss.

Basic shamanic skills are necessary. We will be journeying with a partner to retrieve pieces for them and then switch roles.

Sunday April 28, 2019



Please bring pillows and blankets, or seat, something to place on the altar, and a journal for writing down your own experiences. Sliding scale is available.

If you want to attend, and don’t have basic shamanic skills, call or email me beforehand.

Directions upon registration. Please contact Jyoti at 303.541-9106 or

Jyoti Wind is an Astrologer, Writer and Shamanic Practitioner with over 40 yrs. experience in both the Outer World and the Inner World.

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