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Astro Update 6 19 19

At 9:21Pm/MDT, June 19th, Mars and Pluto come together. It is the energizing force of Mars coming into combination with the Pluto energy of transformation. It is a catalyst for change and insights with Mercury there as well, sometimes explosively, sometimes a slow burn that dissolved and changes everything it touches over time.

This whole week (17-21) the energies are palpable.

Where have we resisted change and now the catalyst has entered the room?

Neptune is stationing/Rx this week (17-25) and takes us into a spiritual perusal. Where can we be more honest with ourselves?

And on June 20, Mercury enters its Shadow. Mercury will turn Retrograde (Rx) on July 7 for 3 weeks and invites us inside to examine our feelings, what we are proud of in our lives, what we have done well, and where changes are happening in family structure.

So for these next few weeks, as Mercury readies is to go within, we look at how we give language to our feelings or not.

“You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens.”


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