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The Saturn Pluto Conjunction/January 2020

The Saturn-Pluto Conjunction

first time since 1518 in the sign of Capricorn.

This is not my article, however I agree with everything this author is saying.

The Evolutionary Turn of the Tide for Humanity by Nicolya Christi

A Historical Turning Point

On January 12, 2020, there is a rare astrological conjunction between the planets Saturn (structures/systems) and Pluto (death/rebirth/evolution/transformation) in the sign of Capricorn (patriarchal authorities/conglomerates/large corporate organisations). This event will be a historical turning point in the evolutionary cycle of humanity. Saturn and Pluto conjoin every thirty-three to thirty-eight years, but the conjunction in this particular sign last occurred in January 1518 at the time of the Protestant Revolution and its religious, economic and political reforms. This current meeting heralds an extraordinary opportunity for humanity to transform as it begins to emerge from a long dark night of the soul. It is in effect a reset button for our future as it has now become increasingly apparent that no solutions are to be found within the old paradigm.

Facing Our Fears

Effectively, Pluto represents our evolution and Saturn whatever needs to be released so we can be free to move forward into a new cycle. Together, they encourage us to acknowledge, accept and integrate our shadow nature instead of repressing it. Astrologically, 2019 has been about confronting just what is holding us back and has forced many of us to face our deepest fears.

Destruction in Service of Creation

Pluto is the planet that represents death and rebirth. It is the great purger - the annihilator of falsehoods, lies and deception. It has zero tolerance for anything other than the unabashed truth. Under its penetrative gaze and focus there is no place to hide. It draws out, without exception, the poisons and distortions within the organism of the collective and calls for a re-balance of power that is equally weighted with love. Pluto will literally destroy anything that stands in the way of truth and love: Its remit is evolutionary; its mantra - destruction in service of creation. It represents an absolute and when combined with Saturn everything is brought under the spotlight for testing in terms of authenticity and resilience.

Taking Courage

Pluto’s conjunction with Saturn at this point could not be more perfectly timed. Together they will not be silenced. They insist that we question who we are as a Global Family, and who we are as our True Selves. These two planetary heavyweights call upon us to take courage as the old paradigm begins to fall.

Tough Love

Both Saturn and Pluto are the ‘tough love" teachers of the astrological system. Put these two celestial giants together and for the first time in five hundred years we are presented with a rare opportunity to turn the evolutionary tide in humanity’s favour and co-create a new conscious paradigm. Pluto represents a wrecking ball and Saturn the (old) structures of (an outdated) global authority: Between them they will destroy these structures and expose their inner workings and lies by shining the light of awareness and truth into whatever has been hidden from us.

Releasing Historical Karma

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction is releasing historical karma that rises up from the murky depths of the shadow-lands of the collective unconscious. A wave of tiredness has hit the collective psyche; tiredness of the old ways of oppression, domination, and control of the collective mind. The entire history of humanity is now under the piercing and scrutinising eye of Pluto while at the same time Saturn places the collective psyche in a ‘holding pattern’ so we may confront just what has been hidden. We are now challenging the status quo and make no mistake, Pluto will dredge up every last misdemeanour, every last myth and lie, and shed light on every last manipulation that humanity has been subjected to under the rule of dysfunctional global authority. The old entrenched templates and patterns of a repressed global society are being mirrored by the world events that have unfolded throughout 2019.

The Moon’s Nodal Axis - The North & South Nodes - Past into Future

At times throughout 2019, both Saturn and Pluto were closely connected to the Moon’s Nodal Axis, which is comprised of a North and South Node. The North Node points to our potential future, while the South Node reveals details about our past. In the natal chart of an individual, insight is gained in regard to the evolutionary trajectory of that person: On a global level the Nodes denote the evolutionary trajectory of the world and what needs to transform if we are to co-create a positive future of humanity, Nature, and the the Earth.

A Period of Chaos

During 2019 both Saturn and Pluto have been highlighting the underlying themes of the historical collective story that have surfaced from the collective unconscious and catalysed a major energetic psycho-spiritual and psycho-energetic release of great force. The conjunctions of Saturn and Pluto on the South Node augured a cycle that began the disassembling of outworn and outdated structures, e.g. banks and institutions, political and religious organisations and all regimes that seek to manipulate, control or exert power over the population. It is time to question how we use power or how we are used by it, and recognise the fact that deep changes within the foundational levels of society are not only now necessary, but inevitable. On a positive note, this meeting with the South Node affirms that a new paradigm is preparing to be birthed. Although this can catalyse great fear and bring in its wake a period of chaos, the truth can no longer be suppressed. When planets cross this axis the repercussions of the past materialise in the present in order to be addressed and to move us into a more balanced, healthy and coherent future.

Upheaval in Service of Regeneration

Pluto's position on the South Node this year has drawn our attention to those systems that are already established but are in the main dysfunctional. Ultimately, it will bring transformative change, and as a collective we need to work with this and become more empowered as well as take more responsibility for our world.

The Seeds of the New - Breaking Surface

Pluto always carries the seed of a new cycle. Throughout 2019 both Pluto and Saturn have opposed the North Node in the astrological sign of Cancer. This has revealed the next progressive step humanity must take as part of its evolution. The fundamental pre-requisite now is to fully recognise and apply the wisdom of the feminine and the role that compassion plays in the co-creation of a conscious new epoch.

A Dawning New Age

We stand on the brink of the dawning new Age of Aquarius - which calls on us to recognise that the personal love we feel for family and home, represented by Cancer, is the same quality of love required if we are to consciously unify as a more awakened, integrated and connected 'global family’. We are effectively re-connecting to the ‘mother principle’ (the North Node in Cancer) and therefore to love, nurture, compassion, empathy, and deep and restorative cellular nourishment.

January 12, 2020 - A Reset for Global Consciousness

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction on January 12, 2020, heralds a re-evolution of the 'collective plan' for the future and is set to be one of the most instrumental resets of Consciousness of our times. 2020 is a year in which we will begin to witness a shift of the balance of ‘power’, as both individually and collectively we are gifted the opportunity to become more empowered. The devolving systems of the last five hundred years are degenerating and set to crumble. We are being called to take more responsibility and to address our personal and collective shadow. Part of the taking responsibility that is now a priority involves the need to recognise just where we ourselves might be colluding (i.e. cultural conditioning/consumerism) with the dysfunctional systems that have monopolised our minds and our world. Although Saturn and Pluto are travelling together through Capricorn for over two years, they meet only once on January 20th to deliver what will be experienced as a potent homeopathic dose of their combined energies.

Pluto - Divine Will

Pluto is considered to be a ‘transpersonal’ planet and represents Divine Will. It transmits Galactic energies and codes to the Earth, to our physical and energetic bodies, as well as to our psyche. In order to embrace the next evolutionary cycle, we must first clear all the historical-psychological-ancestral shadow that prevents us from more fully aligning with Truth – everything must go. 2019 has afforded us the opportunity to begin this process and it is up to each one of us now to stay committed to this next stage of our conscious evolution.

Saturn - The Breaking Down of Old Structures

Saturn is initiating a collective (psychological) maturation and its methodical prodding and pressurising of the personal and collective psyche is in service of profoundly transforming the structures within ourselves and in the world that create our reality.

The Closing of 'His-Story' - The Approaching of a New Age

In June 2020, the Nodal Axis will shift from the signs of Capricorn and Cancer and the seeds of a new evolutionary era will have been sown. Saturn and Pluto will continue their dance together during that year as they tie up loose ends and prepare us to enter the new astrological 'Age of Aquarius’ - the 'Age of the Humanitarian’, of 'Unity and Unification’, of 'Synthesis and Balance’, the 'New Human and the 'New Earth’.

Compassion & Love - Our Evolutionary Compass

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction is a significant marker on the human timeline and will initiate the closing of a major chapter for humanity. Each one of us is now being held to account and our evolutionary compass for all future actions must be founded on Love and Compassion.

By Nicolya Christi & Cherry Williams -

Copyright © 2019 Nicolya Christi. All rights reserved.

Nicolya Christi is a Visionary, Futurist and Author. Her first book 2012: A Clarion Call: Your Soul's Purpose in Conscious Evolution was placed in the top ten book reviews by Publishers Weekly in Spring 2011. Professor Ervin Laszlo, twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, endorsed this book as the most remarkable spiritual book on this or any other subject he have ever read. She is also the author of Contemporary Spirituality for an Evolving World: A Handbook for Conscious Evolution (2013). In the Summer of 2018, Nicolya completed a third book co-authored with Professor Laszlo to be published in 2019. She is currently concluding the writing of her own third mainstream book. Her Work is founded upon the fundamental principles of Psychological Integration, Conscious Evolution, and Spiritual Awakening; Personal Transformation for Global Evolution and Inner Peace for World Peace. Its trajectory is along a psycho-spiritual continuum of Self-Awareness leading to Self-Integration, leading to Self-Realization, leading to Self-Actualization, leading to the ultimate state of Human-Being - Self-Transcendence.

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