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Astro Update 12 20 19

Astro Update 12 20 19

The Winter Solstice begins on Saturday night, the 21st, at 9:19PM/MST.

The light quickens as the spark of life quickens in the roots of plants. We are in the darkness heralding the Light of Spring and new growth.

The next quarter brings larger visions and a desire to do it differently. Rethink what seems nebulous and unsure. Trust your gut over this next quarter of the year.

Solar New Moon Eclipse, Dec. 25 at 10:13PM/MST.

Gather past skills. Get ready to make a leap of faith. Risk-taking has its beauty. We have been told to ‘cast out into the middle of the river, leaving the safety of the shore, and go with the current. Look around and see who is there with you.’ Now we begin.

(Remember that Eclipses show trigger energies that show up between 3-6 months later.)

“Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction.”


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