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Astro Update 4 17 20

Astro Update 4 17 20 An Overview

I did not fully appreciate the power of this year, heading into 2020. I have tried to not over-dramatize the effects that cosmic aspects may have on global situations.

Yet in re-evaluating the most important aspects this year, it is a year of major change. This time has been called: The Great Mutation, A Massive Reformation, The Turning Over, The Great Turning. We are turning over…new leafs, new attitudes, new belief systems. And we are being given opportunities to turn away from all that hasn’t worked in the past.

I want to look back to late Jan. 2008, as Pluto entered Capricorn, the sign of business as usual, corporations, and Capitalism. I remember thinking at that time, that Pluto’s movement here would bring the end of Capitalism as we know it. It would just be a matter of time. Pluto leaves Capricorn around March 2023.

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction (Jan.12, 2020) that I have mentioned in previous updates, became the trigger for massive change, especially in the U.S. as it opposed the Mercury in the U.S. chart. Our usual way of thinking and perceiving was being challenged. Business as usual was at a standstill.

As Jupiter joined that aspect, it opened up and made broader strokes possible, engulfing so much more that would be up for transformation and creating a global situation, a pandemic. It also brought it down to the personal level: jobs, shelter, food and beliefs. Jupiter conjuncts Pluto April 4, again June 30, and Nove.12.

Then we come to the Jupiter conjunct Saturn aspect that danced closely, now separating and coming to exact aspect on the Winter Solstice (Dec.21, 2020) of this year. It will be the first time they are together in an Air sign (2deg Aquarius) in over 500 years. It usually brings mass protests against governments, rules and procedures. It is for the people and people take to the streets.

On a personal level, Jupiter/Saturn asks us what have we had enough of…a career track, a boss, a focus of work that no longer suits. It’s planting new seeds for future growth. It can bring confidence and ambition.

It is a massive wake-up call. We have been sent to our ‘rooms’ to think about our priorities. We have been challenged to develop boundaries and still express love and gratitude for what we have, and for the help given us. Use this time for all it’s worth. We will make huge changes in our country and in our lives in the next few years. Think about the world you want to live in.

“What hurts you, blesses you.” Rumi

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