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May 2020

May begins with the Full Moon on the 7th at 4:45AM/MDT. Step into your own power. See what you need to see for yourself. Take action where possible.

The 9th brings insights, the 11th brings creative conversations, and Venus turns Retrograde (Rx) on the 13th at 3:45AM/MDT. We begin to look at our own inward journey and what’s really important to us. We look at our finances and what we stand for.

An empowered day on the 15th, expansion on the 17th, and the New Moon on the 22nd at 11:39AM/MDT.

This new cycle gives ease of communication, a push from behind, and a suggestion of reading some poetry as a means of offsetting the Mercury and Neptune aspects. We can assume more clarity of mind and logical reason.

Full Moon May 7 4:45AM/MDT

New Moon May 22 11:39AM/MDT

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