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Astro Update 5 5 20

Saturn is stationing from May7-15, turning Retrograde (Rx) on May 10. Self-discipline is more available to some, feelings of limitations in others. Depends on whether we use Saturn’s energies of focus or it uses us.

The Full Moon on the 7th at 4:45AM/MDT brings opportunities to step into your power, to see what you need to see, and take action. Be open to new ways of seeing things.

Mercury trines Pluto on the 9th at 7:17AM/MDT and deeper insights show themselves. One is able to look into the depths of things and figure them out. Look to the mysteries, the esoteric and the mundane. Pay attention to that which draws your curiosity.

“When you let go of who you are, you become who you might be.”


Carousel of Happiness, Nederland, CO

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