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New Myths

As the old myths fade away

and the American Dream

is in the trash alongside

trust and faith and

the pursuit of happiness

as this country defined it all,

I have to ask into myself,

what are the new myths.

Could it be racial equality,

as hands on deck

no matter the hue.

Could co-operation take the place

of competition

and the Horatio Algers be laid to rest

as community support

is the leading thought form.

Where would I see myself

in all this,

as my old patterns leave.

With the feeing of the hungry

as simple daily maintenance

and new ways of partnering

with organizations emerge,

to truly help and build neighborhoods,

and farms that provide

all we would need.

The old warriors and kings

would be relegated

to the time before,

and the heros who emerge

would have been aligned

with the lofty goals

(as we would have seen them


And new stars to align to

and new prophecies

of the golden age

get closer and closer.

I throw my hat in the ring

for the new world coming.

Jyoti Wind

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