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Starshine News Summer 2020

Starshine News

Vol.24, #3

Summer 2020

Dear Friends,

2020 has proven to be above and beyond just the beginning of a new decade. I looked back to 1920 and the Roaring Twenties, bathtub gin and the Speakeasy.. The Spanish Flu aftermath was continuing,.

I looked at the 1820s and the First Industrial Revolution, photography and the promotion of rail transport. Americans were encouraged to head West.

So in this already pivotal year of Eclipses and long-time conjunctions, comes Covid and a presidential election. Throw in a shutdown, some earthquakes and volcanic rumbles, and you have a living out of what history books will mark as a year of global intensity and change.

Like birth pangs on a multi-dimensional level, this is painful. Yet every demarcation from ‘life as usual’ is painful. Every time we decide to change things in our own lives, there is a painful quality in the needed shifts.

Not knowing is a key element here. We want to know the outcome, what’s coming so we can get ready for it. That’s not a given this time. We are in a ‘wait and see’ period. It is uncomfortable to say the least. Can we maintain our equilibrium and teach our children to just be with what is. They pick up our feelings, no matter what we tell them Can we learn to trust the larger times we find ourselves in. Can we initiate change in ourselves.

Blessings, Jyoti

Summer Meditation

Sit quietly. 3 deep breaths. See yourself in a glade in the woods. A beautiful being is there to greet you. Sit down. Feel the forest enveloping you and smell the green of the natural world. She is going to teach you about your own Sovereignty. Listen. Go back often.

Astrological Services

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They include:

Natal, and Transit Reading.

Relationship Charts.

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“The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.” Marcus Aurelius.

Summer 2020 Astrology Column

July begins with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 4th at 10:44 PM/MDT. Challenges around impulsiveness and jumping in too quickly. This Eclipse on the U.S. birthday, influences us as a nation. Where are we creating polarities within the country, and as a nation in its relationships with other countries. It heralds some deep changes ahead. Mercury turns Direct on the 12th at 2:26AM/MDT and we begin to set in motion the realizations we’ve had over the previous 3 weeks. On the 14th/15th we are challenged around our use of power. Do we manipulate or abdicate to get what we want. Or can we own our own power and stand in it. The New Moon on the 20th at 11:33 AM?MDT asks us where we deny or oppress ourselves. Where do we champion others and need to learn to do that for ourselves. Mercury catches up on the 26th and we move into new territory. We end July with a push to see things more clearly.

August begins with the Full Moon on the 3rd at 9:59 AM/MDT. We are asked to bring a cohesive sense of what works and what doesn’t. Denial is your waterloo. Step outside the agreements if needed. Uranus is stationing the 10th-21st, expect the unexpected. Intensity on the 13th and dynamic energy on the 16th. The New Moon on the 18th at 8:42 PM/MDT brings depth. There’s a push to ‘unstick’ the old ways. There are opportunities to create anew. Trust your intuition. On the 24th, look at self-limitation, on the 29th look at the larger view in front of you, and on the 30th ask for clarity and to be able to get out of your own way.

September begins with insights on the 1st and the Full Moon on the 2nd at 12:04 AM/MDT. Freedom of self-expression feels easier. Clear communication is essential. Mars turns Retrograde (Rx) in Aries on the 9th until mid-November. We begin to really mull things over. Just what is the dream and is it possible. What energies and direction are needing re-assessment. Strength and purpose on the 14th. The New Moon on the 17th at 5 AM/MDT suggests that things may feel a bit easier, more of a flow. And yet Mars is square Saturn and Pluto: The young warrior challenging the old, entrenched general, catalyzing the change of the old guard. Look for the truth on the 20th. The Fall Equinox on the 22nd at 7:31AM/MDT brings a feeling of adventurousness, staying power and leadership for some, over the next quarter. Trust your intelligence. Mercury enters the shadow of the next Rx cycle on the 23rd. Be willing to look deeply. We end the month with Saturn stationing Sept.27-Oct.1. Set goals and be diligent. Happy Fall!

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse July 4 10:44AM/MDT

Mercury turns Direct July 12 2:26AM/MDT

New Moon July 20 11:33 AM/MDT

Full Moon Aug.3 9:59 AM/MDT

New Moon Aug 18 8:42 PM/MDT

Full Moon Sept 2 12:40 AM/MDT

New Moon Sept. 17 5 AM/MDT

Fall Equinox Sept.22 7:31 AM/MDT

Mercury enters the shadow Sept. 23

"The knowledge of the heart is in no book and is not to be found in the mouth of any teacher, but grows out of you like the green seed from the dark earth." C.G. Jung.

Summer 2020 Book Review

The English Wife by Lauren Willig. I’ve read some of the author’s Pink Carnation series. This book stands by itself. She takes us to 1899 and we meet Janie, a woman under her stoic mother’s thumb. The protocols and reputations of society at that time were constricting and suffocating. The author then takes us to several years prior in England as a young women meets Bay, a wealthy American on holiday. She weaves a tale between the years and the continents and the price of appropriate behavior. Loved the story.

I have read through the whole series of Louise Penny’s Armand Gamache, Canadian detective works. Have loved every one! Have also read through all of Jacqueline Winspear’s Maisie Dobbs series. Have loved every one of these as well! So I have been reading avidly, a good 15 books over the past 4 months, but nothing new to review.

Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. A riveting book artfully written. I didn’t want it to end. Issues of abuse, neglect, abandonment, betrayal and prejudice are difficult to read yet delicately handled. They are offset by it being mostly a story of strength, resilience, resourcefulness and unexpected compassion. The author’s exquisite descriptive ability easily transported me to the North Carolina marsh country and culture of the 1950’s and 6o’s. Her background in zoology is instructive and brings the marsh and its creatures alive. Her character development left me hating to leave these people and the marsh. It’s the best book I read in 2019, an extraordinary first novel. I’ll probably read it again sometime with more of an eye toward the mechanics of how it’s written. (Guest Reviewer: Kate Guilford).

Authentic Italian, The Real Story of Italy’s Food and its People by Dina M. Di Maio is a non-fiction book telling the story of Italian food introduced to the world, specifically after the diaspora of Italy’s people two decades after it’s Unification in the 1860s and again after its’ rise in Fascism in the 1940s. The author grew up in the only Italian family in a small town in North Carolina where they owned a pizzeria. This is the fascinating story of the rise of Italian food from unknown, mispronounced spaghetti, to the highly esteemed gourmet menus. (Guest Reviewer: Arlene S. Bice, avid reader, author, and workshop facilitator.)

Five Steps to Thriving on Adversity: Practical Steps, Insights & Reflections from an Extraordinary Life. I listened to an interview of Peter Wright by my mentor, Melisa Pearce. The topic, and the title of his book, was His story of moving to Rhodesia as a young boy, of his country's traumatic transformation to Zimbabwe, and subsequent adversities in the last three decades is an easy read, but fascinating. The hardships he and his family and friends shines a light on a life few have experienced. He describes his five steps one by one, and then illustrates each point with several stories that dive into life in Africa - his years in conscripted military service, mystical wild animal encounters, human and environmental adversities - that he lived through. There is an unapologetic honesty, simply told, that heightened the lessons of this book. I do believe this book is self published (plus his blog is also worthwhile reading for me) so I will include Mr. Wright's website address : ISBN: 978-0-9950691-0-7 (Guest Reviewer: Annette Price)

Counterfeit Lady: A Victorian Bookshop Mystery by Kate Parker. Elaborate parties and master spy techniques, stolen plans and espionage all make for the solving of a murder and treason a real challenge for bookseller Georgia Fenchurch in Victorian England. Loved it.

Croatia and Montenegro

Our Lady of the Rocks Church, Kotor, Montenegro

Into the deep center of spiritual beliefs. Coming to center of self.

Island in Boha Bay, Perast, Kotor Municipality.

(Excerpted from ‘In Search of the Sacred: Meditations on Sacred Sites Around the World’ by Jyoti Wind. A work still in progress.)


I have made my Youtube channel free, so the Astrology Classes and Workshops are available to view. Enjoy. I am also putting my Astro Updates up as videos as well, but will continue to send out the printed version also.


Eagle says,

come closer

lay your heart here

on my wing

and watch your dreams

take flight.

Don’t burden

your heart.

Let it fly free.

Jyoti Wind

The Dandelion Girl

Once upon a time a little girl swallowed a dandelion whole. Her once brown hair started to grow yellow and spiky. Everyone wondered at her deep-rootedness and how she spoke with a bitter twist. It still was somehow soothing to their tempers and stopped their liver headaches. Everyone she spoke with found their skin cleared of blemishes.

As time went on, her hair turned gray and thinner, sometimes flying off into the breeze. She passed on her abilities to the net generation but only those willing to swallow the dandelion whole. By Terra Rafael, Unfurling the Web of Life.

holy spirits

Old mountain mists whisper of other worlds,

of ecstatic dolphins dancing on air,

of the wisdom of turtles more ancient than trees,

of angelfish yellow as late September,

Of the damp incense of seaweed,

of giant clams with glowing palms locked in radiant


of whale choirs, barnacles a-quiver, intoning hymns to

muted mountains,

of constant motion,



The aspen leaves listen, click, and clatter in awe.

-Cheryl Miller, The Spirit of Trees


In May, I led a guided meditation to the Earth Mother on Zoom online. Several people generously shared their experiences. Here are some excerpts:

Guided Meditation to Mother Earth, Re: The Coronovirus

AE: I asked why coronavirus has appeared now, and what we needed to learn. she answered with "we": we love you very much and we are here to take care of you. We need you to take care of us as well. We need you to come back to balance." She cradled me and I felt like a small child again.

BC: -my questions were simple: what is your purpose? What is the lesson?-the answer simple too: for each of us to connect more fully to our hearts, to keep coming back to that place over and over again -use it daily as your meditation and carry it out into the world, Be It!

JWright: When I asked, "Why have you come?" it answered "To wake people up." As simple as that from both Mother Earth and the virus, with no explanation. I am forgetting all of the conversations as they did not get written down, but something about our humanity needing to come together to make changes to our ways to save Mother Earth and Her Children. But I do remember towards the end asking, "It makes me so unhappy to hear that some, actually many, people are thinking this was all just a hoax or a plot to take down the President." I was told rather than be discouraged and giving that more power, to just send Love and Light to those people. If I and other healers did that, we'd energetically change minds and hearts and the course of this virus.

JH: I see light - the sun is shining right into the center of the earth, sending a very clear, bright beam of light that illuminates everything. After that, I see a funnel grow from the center of the earth to the top. It is the evolutionary spiral with all the creatures that have inhabited the earth, and there is free movement up and down the spiral. (These lineages of life are usually mapped as a Tree of Life, and assigned to evolutionary periods.) Here, there is fluidity in time and space. Evolution is non-linear.

LI: I asked the virus what sound or tone do we use to protect us from you, replicating? It replied the key of F - 2. I asked the virus what color do use to protect us from you replicating? It replied light green or pale green. I asked the virus what DNA strands do we disable to protect us from you replicating? It replied 52,38,24. I asked Mother Earth, what is her purpose for this virus? “You are over radiating my planet for the information you are seeking. You need to connect again with your true selves for the answers and solutions to heal yourselves and my earth. You need to find your healing selves and other healing selves on the planet, and learn how to all connect safely to raise the vibration of my planet. “

RP: She told me I already know the answers to these questions. She told me that these things (the virus) happen, they are part of life, just as life can't exist without death. Population control, as harsh as that sounds. Humans have gotten so far off course that we need a reminder to appreciate life itself, relationships, the earth, and all of nature. We need to slow down.

The virus was very tiny. It was a petulant little boy who is angry and having a sort of temper tantrum. Then there was an image of the infinity symbol, revolving back and forth, giving me the message of life and death existing together. The virus will get us back on the proper course and help us appreciate life.

YH: Pandemic spreads through the breakage of society, the neglect of duty, the abandonment of leadership We are dying alone This is a global Rite of passage Sacred Nature is depriving us Of our dearest and ourselves.

JWind: The virus: “It’s the condition of the host. If the vibration is kept high and clear, if your love for the Earth supersedes your fear, then we will pass over you. We are here only to remind. Eventually you will have a natural immunity to us, just like other viruses and bacteria to which you no longer succumb. We are love just like you are.”

Light of my Heart-

Inborn, Emanating, Unbounded.

Courage of my Heart-

Spirit Helper through this world.

Rainbow of my Aura-

Hope of love, waves expanding.

Hawk of my Third Eye-

Seeing in Invisible Realms.

Mother of my Soul-

Ananda, Bliss of Love.

Terra Rafael

David Whyte: Online: 3 Sundays in July.

A Road Always Beckoning

Check out his offering on his

Home page, Many Rivers.

Shamanic Summit, The Shift Network,

July 7-10 Online.

I am offering individual Shamanic Journey Sessions via Zoom. $100.

Guided Journeys

Jyoti Wind

2635 Mapleton Ave.#9

Boulder, CO 80304


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