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Astro Update 9 14 20

Astro Update 9 14 20

Today, Monday, Sept.14 at 5:09PM/MDT the Sun is trine Pluto. A day of empowerment. A feeling of strength and capability pervades the day.

Tuesday, Sept. 15 at 9:29AM/MDT Venus squares Uranus. Freedom needs dominate the day, just needing room to move. Important to honor this.

New Moon on Thursday, Sept.17 at 5AM/MDT. This New Moon, this new cycle, is very powerful. Not only are the Sun, Moon, and Mercury trine Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter, but also the New Moon is opposing Neptune. Be clear. Set goals. There may be opportunities that show up and the means to go with it.

Another aspect of this is Mars square Saturn and Pluto. The young warrior confronts the old, entrenched general. This is impetus and catalyst for change of the old guard, old stuck patterns.

We can run with Mars and be the energy for change in ourselves, weeding out the old stuck patterns and old family belief systems. We can take that young male warrior to heart and run with the changes you know you need to make. There’s always choice there.

“The source of now is here.”


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