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Starshine News Fall 2020

Starshine News

Vol.24, # 4

Fall 2020

Dear Friends,

As we enter this final quarter of 2020, we may feel that we do so with a sense of wariness. The year so far has held so many surprises, unexpected turns at every level of life. That we don’t exactly trust what else there might be.

In my Astrology Column, I mention the final pass of the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction, the Total Solar Eclipse mid-December, and the Jupiter/Saturn meeting on the Winter Solstice. These are all singular events crowded into the last part of this year.

We have been on a bumpy ride that is taking us into a new time, new year, new decade. Along the way, those bumps have been catalysts to drop the old and outworn. To imagine venturing into our own personal new world, where we may be making things new and stepping away from the way things have been.

We need to gather courage, caringness and trust. We can renew our relationship with Nature and the natural world. We can be open to what our soul is whispering in our ear lest we lose hope. Remember you are the love of the Moon and Stars (Celtic Blessing). Nothing less! Wishing you peace of mind.

Be well,


Autumn Meditation

Each morning, bless yourself. See yourself surrounded in white light. Receive what is given. Then picture Mother Earth, the entire globe and all who live upon Her, surrounded in that Light.

Astrological Services

Consultations are $120.

They include:

Natal, and Transit Reading.

Relationship Charts.

Astrocartography Maps.

Shamanic Journeys.

Spiritual Consulting.

Children’s Charts:

$60 under 14 yrs.

Sliding scale available

Fall 2020 Astrology Column

October begins on a Full Moon on Oct.1 at 3:05PM/MDT. The push to change is strong. Emotional inspiration for some. Pluto is stationing 1-9 Oct. bringing deep intensity and insights. On the 4th, Pluto turns Direct at 7:32AM/MDT and all the inner focus of the previous 5 months begins to find its way to be integrated with the outer life. Insights on the 7th, another intense day on the 9th and , on the 10th, a breath of air, ease and movement. On Oct. 13, Mercury turns Retrograde (Rx) at 7:05 PM/MDT and we begin a 3 week inner turning to our own depths. The New Moon on the 16th at 1:31PM/MDT says personal freedom needs are strong. Try new things. New cycle of personal transformation and what that looks like for you. Intuition is high. Strength on the 21st, insights on the 25th, and we end the month with a Full Moon on the 31st at 8:49AM/MDT. Second Full Moon in the calendar month. ‘Once in a blue moon’ means that opportunities are there that usually don’t present themselves. The moon phase bring emotional changes. Hearing the beat of a different drummer. Push to let go of old stuff.

November begins with Daylight time ending on the 1st. Mercury turns Direct on the 3rd at 8:50AM/MST. We begin to deal with the insights life brought us the previous 3 weeks. It is Election Day. The fog begins to clear, yet things are not finished yet, until Mercury catches up 2 weeks later. Jupiter conjuncts Pluto on the 12th, the third and final aspect of the pandemic. It could bring an end to the whole cycle or send us into the last and final round. Mars turns Direct on the 13th. We begin to throw off the lethargy of the previous 2 months. The New Moon on Nov.14 at 10:07 PM/MST. It says explore the depths of your nature and your relationships with others. Trust in the process. Power struggles may show up on the 15th. Neptune is stationing Nov.23-Dec.5 and brings spiritual insights, dreams, understandings. Thanksgiving on the 26th has Sun trine Chiron, a great aspect for healing, whether through presence, conversation, or just letting things be. The Lunar Full Moon Eclipse on the 30th at 2:30AM/MST brings challenges between what you want and what others around you want of you. Try for a win-win.

December begins with a willingness to look at the bigger picture. Confusions on the 9th, dynamism on the 10th, and good to read poetry on the 13th. The New Moon Total Solar Eclipse on the 14th at 9:17AM/MST is a new cycle of dynamic energy. Ready, set, go! Whatever is possible, go for it! On the Winter Solstice, Dec.21 at 3:02 AM/MST, we begin the last quarter of the Astrological year, and it suggests being clear with your feelings. Set goals that are reasonable for you. It is also the day of the exact Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in an air sign for the first time in 500 years. An astrologer I read suggested revolution in the streets. It is a radical aspect, moving against the traditional and sometime repressive way of doing things. Tearing down the old and replacing it with new, innovative concepts is the positive use of this energy. Mars squares Pluto for it’s last pass on the 23rd and we have some resolution to some problems of the past year. Christmas brings insights, freedom of speech, and innovation. The 27th is a day to expand. We end the year with a Full Moon on the 29th at 8:28PM/MST. Being open to new forms of expression, entrepreneurial opportunities and being with the truth of your life is the focus. Happy New Year!

Full Moon Oct 1 3:05PM/MDT

Mercury turns Retrograde Oct 13 7:05PM/MDT

New Moon Oct 16 1:31PM/MDT

Full Moon Oct 31 8:49AM/MDT

Mercury turns Direct Nov 3 8:50AM/MST

New Moon Nov 14 10:07PM/MST

Lunar Full Moon Eclipse Nov 30 2:30AM/MST

Total Solar Eclipse Dec 14 9:17AM/MST

Winter Solstice Dec 21 3:02AM/MST

Jupiter/Saturn conjunction Dec 21 11:21AM/MST

Full Moon Dec 29 8:28PM/MST

Mercury’s Cycle

Mercury enters its shadow Sept.23

Turns Retrograde Oct 13

Turns Direct Nov 3

Catches up Nov 19

Cherokee Prayer and Blessing

May the warm winds of Heaven

blow softly upon your house.

May the Great Spirit

bless all who enter there.

May your moccasins

make happy tracks

in many snows,

and may the Rainbow

always touch your shoulder.

Fall 2020 Book Reviews

Olive, Again by Elizabeth Strout. This is the sequel to the Pulitzer Prize winning book Olive Kitteridge. It’s not necessary that you read the original book, or watched the TV mini series, starring Frances McDormand. However, if you are familiar with her character, you know that she is judgmental, outspoken, self- centered, and at times not very likeable.

The story takes place in a small coastal town in Maine. The chapters of the book are like short stories or vignettes. In rare moments of self- reflection, Olive makes breakthroughs in the way that she perceives the people and world around her. She learns that each life has its challenges and I, the reader, grew to love her as she softens and becomes more accepting into her old age.

Guest Reviewer : Nancy Overton

For serious Jane Austen fans, Miss Austen by Gil Hornby written in the style of J.A., slow-paced, detailed, giving you an intimate picture of southern England and its times of 1800-1840. Remember the disappointment of hearing that Cassandra burned all of her sister Jane’s correspondence? This story is a blend of commonly known facts blended in with the fiction of maybe this is what happened. Well-researched and written revealing the close reslationship of these two sisters. PS: I’m fussy about anything Jane Austen and highly recommend this book. (Guest Reviewer: Arlene S. Bice, author, poet, JASNA member.) (Jane Austen Society of North America)

The Lost Girls of Paris by Pam Jenoff. Grace finds photos of 12 girls, young women, in Grand Central Station in NYC in 1946. Recently widowed, almost witness to a fatal pedestrian/car accident, she takes the photos and begins an investigation into who these women were. She finds out that they were part of the war effort in France. In a back and forth style of storytelling, we meet Marie, Eleanor and Josie in 1943 who were hired as operators, both radio and resistance operators. They meet at a training program in Scotland. We follow them and others, hiding from the Nazis, clandestine drop-offs and meetings, and love in the midst of war. I really enjoyed this book

Romancing the Shadow: A Guide to Soul Work for a Vital, Authentic Life by Connie Zweig and Steve Wolf. Looking beneath the social niceties, we carry a hidden shadow side that has all the wounded parts of us. This book explores how to access those hidden parts and why they have been secreted away. Looking at the family dynamics of childhood, relationships in adulthood, the authors explore how the shadow material works, how it manifests alongside our conscious intentions. This book is so speaking to me right now. Love it.

“The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way. Some see nature all ridicule and deformity... and some scarce see nature at all. But to the eyes of the man of imagination, nature is imagination itself.” ― William Blake

Weather Shamanism: Harmonizing Our Connection with the Elements by Nan Moss and David Corbin. “The spirits of weather want us to work with them. They want us to take an active and conscious role in the healthy functioning of our planet. If these spirits see that we are interested in learning from then, that we are dedicated to working for the good of all, then then might take notice and gently teach us ways in which we can live in harmony with each other and with all of Nature. From this comes true healing, for ourselves and for all ecosystems on the planet.” From the book.

How Not to Vanagon by Bobby Hutchinson. I’ve enjoyed Ms. Hutchinson’s fiction for several years, but this was my first venture into her creative non-fiction. I almost bailed on the book a couple of times, and I’m so glad that I stuck with it. In this book she recounts her adventures, misadventures, foibles, life lessons and realizations between the ages of 78 and 80. She writes with courageous honesty and self-exposure. There is a lot here that many women will find relatable. All in all I’d categorize this as an inspirational book. (Guest Reviewer: Kate Guilford).

I’ve read through the Beatrice Stubbs series by JJ Marsh. Loved every one.

I am going to be offering an online workshop, via Zoom, Honoring the 4 Directions. It will include information of the directions and experiential, guided journeys to the guardians of those directions. 2---2-hour sessions. $50. It will occur on Sat. Oct. 24, and Sun. Oct.25, from 10AM-12PM each day. No experience necessary.

Email me and let me know if you are interested.


My Responsibility

Each day is a gift.

My responsibility to myself and others,

to be creative to my last breath.

I am the process of creative life.

Each day is a gift.

Of freedom from fear of

endings and transformations.

From the need to live in anything

more than the fullness of the moment.

Each day is a gift.

To be myself without

Self distrust.

Nothing gained

Nothing lost

Reaching deep

Risking to be me.

My trust and faith

Is the energy and

The way I get there.

The way I tend my mind, body

And spirit.

Cultivating what expresses

My becoming

With fire and flame

Peppered with enthusiasm,

communicating all that

I am becoming

to my last creative breath.

I am the process of creative life.

Yola Hughes


Sacred Hoop Magazine

Online Magazine of Shamanic articles, stories, experiences. Excellent.

“Looking into the darkness or living with shadow awareness is not an easy path, a road on which the debris has been cleared and the direction lies straight ahead. Rather, to live with the shadow awareness we follow the detours; we walk into the debris, groping our way through dark corridors and past dead ends. We look for the key where it is difficult to find. Shadow-work asks us to turn in that direction.

It asks us to stop blaming others.

It asks us to take responsibility.

It asks us to move slowly.

It asks us to deepen awareness.

It asks us to hold paradox.

It asks us to open our hearts.

It asks us to sacrifice our ideals of perfection.

It asks us to live the mystery.”

from Romancing the Shadow


Put down the weight of your aloneness and ease into the conversation. The kettle is singing even as it pours you a drink, the cooking pots have left their arrogant aloofness and seen the good in you at last. All the birds and creatures of the world are unutterably themselves. Everything is waiting for you.

David Whyte (Excerpted from Everything is Waiting for You)


Where the Forest Meets the Stars by Glendy Vanderah. A 9 year-old girl shows up out of nowhere saying that she is an alien who is on earth to witness 5 miracles. She is taken in by a scientist who is living alone in a friend’s house, doing summer research on birds and trying to heal from a bad breakup. Both she and the girl become friends with a neighbor who is also in need of healing. This page turner follows the three of them through mysteries, exploits and major transformations. Ms. Vanderah’s first novel is a work of art. I look forward to reading more by her. If you liked “Where the Crawdads Sing,” you’ll enjoy this book. (Guest Reviewer: Kate Guilford).

Let there be an opening

into the quiet that lies

beneath the chaos,

where you find the quiet

you did not think possible

and see what shimmers

within the storm.

John O’Donohue

Shamanic Study Group

2nd Sunday of each month

11:30 AM-1PM/MDT Free

Via Zoom

Oct. 11, Nov.8, Dec.13

We will call in the directions to create safe space.

Have a topic, reading or poem

A guided journey

Learn some ceremony



No experience necessary

Let me know if you are interested

(See Shamanic Workshop, Honoring the 4 Directions, info inside newsletter)

“Carry your heart through this world

like a life-giving sun.” – Hafiz

Jyoti Wind

2635 Mapleton Ave.#9

Boulder, CO 80304


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