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Astro Update 9 29 20

Today at 3:50PM/MDT Mars is square Saturn. It’s push to move beyond stuckness, imbedded patterns, places where you say, ‘I don’t do that.’ Mars says, ‘Do it!’

The Full Moon on Thurs. Oct.1 at 3:05PM/MDT says balance frustration and patience. Don’t take things personally. Push past the status quo and risk-take. What do you have to lose!!!!

For the first 9 days of Oct., Pluto is stationing (turning Direct on Sun. Oct.4 at 7:32AM/MDT). In this 9 day period, we experience Pluto at its strongest: intensity, fierceness and a determined effort toward transforming existing situations. Bring to mind to what you have been internally working on since April 25 (when Pluto turned Retrograde). Now is the time to manifest those very thing you saw needed to shift. Take courage and go for it.

‘Whatever lifts the corners of your mouth, trust that.’


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