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2022 Messages from Study Group

2022 Messages from Study Group

Yesterday I held a study group and we journeyed to a teacher in the Upper World. Here are the messages that were given when we asked about the year ahead.

Pause and remember, no need to strive. It’s all here, just remember. Share the Light, hold the Light, eat the Light, etc.

Stars shower you in Light. Like Manna from heavens. Walk together towards the Light. Don’t take the work you’re doing lightly. You’ll be a Light where you least expect it.

We really have to rely on our humanity. Love and giving love even if hard.

We’re all in the same boat. Sink or fly together.

To live in a way that is true to ourselves. One true face. Surrender not strive. Own our power.

Things will change slowly. Nothing worth it came quickly. Show honest gratitude, deep commitment.

Hold feeling of divinity. We all are vision keepers.

Look to the young those who are awakening right now and acknowledge the abject courage it takes to do this. Easier year, but still a lot of background noise. Year of the Tiger, gather your courage.

Stay in Divine Love. Do more ceremony and prayers.


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