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Astro Update 11 10 20

Beginning Nov.8-13, Jupiter and Pluto are the same degree. It will be exact to the second this Thurs., Nov.12 at 2:39PM/MST. This is the last phase of the pandemic (astrologically), and you can see the surge. This last pass that started in Jan.2020, came again June-July 2020, now will wrap up and leave us with what it came for.

What did we learn from this experience that is still not over. What did the survivors of the Spanish Flu (1918-1920) learn. What didn’t they heed on that last whiplash pass in the Fall, when the Armistice was declared (the end of WWI), and people left their houses, tore off their masks, and flooded the parades in the streets. They didn’t care. They were going to celebrate. Hundreds of thousands of people died. What is our take-away from all of this so far?

Friday, Nov.13, at 5:36PM/MST, Mars turns Direct. It’s been Retrograde (Rx) since Sept.8. What internal process is it time to out-picture, to bring out into our conscious lives and implement. What is it time for?

Mars is in Aries and loves to be involved with the new, the innovative, the risk-taking edge of things. What will emerge as the new dream in your life now?

“The moment you accept what troubles you’ve been given, the door will open.”



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